Black Liberation Army

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  • Military Sacrifice Essay

    This radical change can cause grief, which can leave the families with depression, anger, and confusion. First of all, families with grief who lost a loved one in the army can deal with depression. According to, it states, “This depressive stage feels as though it will last forever. It’s important to understand that this depression is not a sign of mental illness.” Now, this statement is reassuring those who…

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  • Clausewitz's Paradoxical Trinity

    Question: How does Clausewitz's paradoxical trinity explain the changes to the character of warfare from the methods used by Frederick the Great to those that followed in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries? I. Thesis: Clausewitz’s paradoxical trinity explains the changes to the character of warfare from the ‘political-ideological French Revolution ’ to the ‘military revolution of the Great War ’ by acknowledging the variable but compelling relationships between: instruments of…

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  • Saving Private Ryan Movie Analysis

    People can never truly know how it feels to be in war, unless they’ve been in one. Even if someone who’s seen war tells them about it, they can’t understand. Movie’s rarely portray it how it’s suppose to be or they can’t catch the feeling of it. Although, Saving Private Ryan is one of the movies that show a piece of the struggle of war. With the many strong events that happened, it shows the war that only those who serve in it experience. It wasn’t just the main squad that showed what war is,…

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  • The Sniper And War Is Kind

    Although the only thing war is capable of doing is determining who is left instead of who is right; it changes people to the worst, which the texts “The Sniper” and “War is Kind” are all about. The short story “The Sniper” by Liam O’Flaherty is about a man who has the position of a sniper in the war. He risks taking a cigarette, and is spotted by an enemy sniper. After the shooting they did, the Republican sniper finally manages to kill the other sniper and instantly regrets it. The story…

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  • Poem Analysis Of Wilfred Owen's Disabled

    Wilfred Owen’s Disabled is poem of the post-Great War period, when hundreds of young men were -similarly to the protagonist- abandoned to their misery and handicaps in military hospitals. The intentionally vague and indistinguishable character is presented as empty, an indicator of his inability to recover. However, despite his superficial remorse and apathy, we can distinguish an underlying message; Owen portrays the value of an individual in society as both fleeting and unappreciated. He uses…

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  • Lieutenant Jimmy Cross In The Things They Carried

    The Vietnam War was a changing point in American history. Causing high tensions between the US and the Communists parties around the globe, the Vietnam War was another way people were effected by conflict. The Communist conflict in Vietnam effected soldiers and even the people back in the United States. There were rallies against the war. People were parading in the streets of Washington DC promoting the extraction of American soldiers from a war that they believe made no sense. Some anti-war…

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  • Awards Of Guilt: A Purple Heart

    Awards of Guilt It’s the late 1910’s, a nurse for a hospital that treats WW1 soldiers was recently assigned to a new patient and her first shift begins tonight. She prepares like she would for any other patient, then enters the room for the first time. When she enters, she stands in the doorway unable to move, too shocked by the sight she has come across. Laying in the bed, where a man was supposed to be, was a distorted figure. The figure had the body of a man, but was missing the arms, the…

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  • The Cid And The Prince: An Analysis

    Septimius Severus, a Roman emperor, acted the part of both a fox and lion as Machiavelli puts it. In other words, he acted as a fierce, clever lion and a very cunning fox. This was illustrated when he was seeking to become emperor of Rome. Severus and his army moved to Rome after Julian was put to death and the Senate voted him emperor out of…

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  • Guilt In Tim O Brien's The Things They Carried

    By carrying the pebble of Martha around, Jimmy Cross creates a false hope of them being together, knowingly distracting him from his duties as leader of his platoon. Not only did Lieutenant Cross carry a pebble, he also had a picture of her in the bottom of his knapsack, to keep him mentally grounded. By having her presence on him, he is able to imaginatively drift off into thought where they can be together back in New Jersey. While being distracted by the pebble, one of his platoon mates, Ted…

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  • Theme Of Trust And Guilt

    Trust turned into Guilt The Vietnam War, November 1st 1955 to April 30 1975, twenty years of war, twenty years of changing young men's lives for the worst. Tim O’Brien, the author and narrator of the novel The Things They Carried depicts the tragic experiences he endured while in the Vietnam War. He was a young college educated man who was drafted into the war, along the way he got close to many soldiers in his platoon, gaining support and trust. Having these relationships helped him get…

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