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  • Gallipoli First Scene

    The first scene of Gallipoli the film begins with a teenage boy timing his sprint speed on a dirt and gravel track in Australia around 8 months after the start of WWI, the boy would become known as Archie. Archie wants to enlist for the army and since he can ride, he hopes to enter the Light Horse although he is underage for the military entirely. One day when Archie gets into a heated discrepancy with a man by the name of Les McCann a race is organized between the two, with McCann on horseback…

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  • Birdsong Poem Analysis

    Owen, Faulks and Barker attempt to express the horrors of trench warfare through carefully crafting their language but, in doing so, prove that the horrors are so great that no form of language can truly express it. Mansur, quoting Howard Pinter, argues that “the more tense the experience, the less articulate the expression”, believing Owen cannot communicate the true horrors of war however eloquently he writes. It can be presumed that Faulks and Barker, through vivid imagery, also fail to do…

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  • Essay On Military Leadership

    When discussing leadership in various classes, it is always stated that people can be taught to be leaders. I have to disagree with this based on my own personal judgments and experience. People can be taught how to be leaders, but people cannot be taught to be leaders. Leadership is a trait that you either have inside of you or you don’t. However, everyone has the ability to lead and those who have the ability to lead have the responsibility to lead. Leadership is the backbone of the…

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  • True War Story

    For centuries many authors have tried to capture the true essence of a soldier's experience during the war. In “How to Tell a True War Story” by Tim O’Brien, O’Brien expounds upon what constitutes a truthful account of war. There is a multitude of factors that go into creating a true war story. Based on O’Brien’s prerequisites, Kurt Vonnegut has succeeded. Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut is a true war story because of the lack of clarity that war brings both the author and the protagonist…

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  • Two Soldier Argumentative Essay

    During the final moments of William Faulkner’s short story Two Soldiers, it is easy to envision the young boy, 8 years and 10 months old, defiantly and passionately stand up to army men and high-ranking army officers demanding to see his newly enlisted older brother Pete. The young boy’s obstinate behavior is not surprising as it is consistent throughout his narration of the story. Aaron Schneider’s short film version of the Two Soldiers is consistent with the short story up until these final…

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  • Sfc Moss Role Model

    models. Some being family members others civilians that I’ve meet while accomplishing Army missions but most of my role models have been great individuals that I have had the pleasure of serving with in the military. One in particular stands out more than the others, his name is SSG Kenneth Moss or now SFC Kenneth Moss (R). SFC Moss (R) had the biggest impact on me as he was my first supervisor I had in the Army. His legacy forever left a mark and gave me the foundation to be successful in…

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  • Carl Von Clausewitz's On War

    The 19th Century Prussian General, Carl Von Clausewitz captured many of his insights in the book, On War. From initial combat at the age of thirteen to chief of staff of the Prussian Army, Clausewitz developed his thoughts of war based on a variety of military experience. Two of Clausewitz’s tenets seem to stand out as profound and useful, and remarkably still relevant to the modern planner. Primacy of policy helps a planner avoid a strategy policy mismatch by aligning political and military…

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  • Benefits Of Air Force Essay

    compared to if you went to the Army or the Marines.(Today’s Military) To get into the Air Force you have to have a high school degree or the equivalent to that. You also have to pass the (ASVAB) (military) which is a test that your score goes to what you can do if you make it in. If you take at least three years of college and the join you are automatically an officer granted you took the right classes. If you wanted to do this you could through the (ROTC) for the Army the (MECEP) for the…

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  • Why Did Marshal De Saxes Lose His Weapons In The Military

    the enemy, it allowed for his men to deliver more accurate and deliberate fire at a greater pace and potentially avoiding every engaging in hand to hand combat. By using terrain to support the rifle fire, Marshal de Saxe effectively multiplied his armies effectiveness against the enemy without risking control of the battlefield that comes with hand to hand combat and battle lines mixing. His ideas and tactics found within Reveries on the Art of War are founded on the exploitation of the rifle…

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  • Comparison Of Generals Die In Bed, Harrison And All Quiet On The Western Front

    World War I was a conflict that claimed the lives of millions of soldiers and altered the lives of countless others. Shortly after the War, two novels surfaced, Generals Die In Bed by Charles Yale Harrison and All Quiet On The Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque, that became influential in our understanding of how the soldiers lived. Each novel provides a firsthand account from a soldier’s point of view on one of the most brutal wars ever to have been fought. The novels portray war without…

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