Why Did Marshal De Saxes Lose His Weapons In The Military

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By creating a positive barrier between his Infantry and the enemy, it allowed for his men to deliver more accurate and deliberate fire at a greater pace and potentially avoiding every engaging in hand to hand combat. By using terrain to support the rifle fire, Marshal de Saxe effectively multiplied his armies effectiveness against the enemy without risking control of the battlefield that comes with hand to hand combat and battle lines mixing. His ideas and tactics found within Reveries on the Art of War are founded on the exploitation of the rifle and artillery fire to his army’s advantages while minimizing his men 's exposure to the enemies own rifle and artillery fire.
Marshal de Saxes was also hindered the use of armor for certain units such as the Infantry and Calvary. With rifles being used on the battlefield and its effectiveness against the standing armor of the time many armies put aside the use of heavy and cumbersome armor. Saxes refused to allow for amour to be removed from his ranks and developed his own armor to meet the need of the ever mobile
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Saxe criticized his fellow military minds for stepping away from armor after the introduction of rifles that could penetrate the current armor. Saxe believed that even if armor only saved a few lives it is worth the hindrance sustained by its wearer and the edge it gives his army over his enemies. Saxe states, "… for what will signify the loss of small numbers thus occasioned by their armour provided that, in general, it gives us the superiority over our enemies and wins our battles?". We see in today’s modern military, even with weapons that can defeat body armor worn by the Infantry, militaries around the world still issue body armor because it may save its solider from injury and allow them to continue fighting on the battlefield, limiting a military 's

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