Women's Role In The Civil War

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The role of women as nurses contributed greatly to the Civil War, because it helped the military maintain it’s strength. They formed organizations like the United States Sanitary Commission and were able to collect a total of 25,000,000 dollars from the public for war efforts(Georgia 221). The money collected was spent on medical and sanitary supplies for soldiers on the battlefield(Georgia 221). The Civil War required women to take on greater role and aid the soldiers in anyway that they can. That required women to become experienced in medical fields. "20,000 women who served as nurses, more than 3,000 were army nurses filling positions that did not exist before the war."(Barney 1).Women not only took on roles as nurses but they were also …show more content…
Women took on jobs that were traditionally meant for men, for example; farm labor, and selling items(Ott 1). The Civil War pushed women to break free from societal bounds, to aid in the war effort. Although women were working hard they were still payed less than men. Women were working in factories in order to develop the necessary goods for the war(Tendrich 55). New responsibilities on the home-front pushed women to contribute to the war effort by making goods for the military. “In the North, 200,000 women volunteered to work in relief agencies that sent a stream of clothing, food packages, and hospital supplies to the front”(Barney 1). While men were away, it was the responsibility of women to produce and send resources to the military. During the Civil War women on the home-front contributed a large part of their time to the war effort. With most of the men in the military, women that were rich, poor, from the North or the South had to be responsible for their household(Tendrich 48). Some women had to take up positions in government posts(Tendrich 48). As such women were given more autonomy, they were able to take on jobs like teaching(Ott 1). The Civil War required women of any race and region to take on non-traditional roles. Immigrant women worked low paying and hard labor jobs as seamstresses, maids and laundresses(Majerol 1). The war between the South and North required women to take on the roles of men and do their best to help the military. Women on the home-front took on different jobs while still being held accountable for their children. Women on home-front contributed resources to the war

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