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  • Sacrifice In Disabled By Wilfred Owen

    A Soldiers Sacrifice in “They” and “Disabled” In Siegfried Sassoon’s “They” and Wilfred Owens “Disabled”, both poems describe the physical and emotional trauma that soldiers experienced in the trenches and on the battlefield. Those left on the home front did not understand the circumstances that the soldiers were under and were shocked when their boys came home suffering from “shell shock” and PTSD. “Social reactions to shell shock victims varied from sympathy or anger at the war to confusion…

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  • Analysis Of Andha Yug

    AKSHAYA CHOUDHARY 1036 SECTION B, III YEAR ENGLISH Andha Yug and Modern War Theory Introduction Andha Yug by Dharamvir Bharati is most commonly read as contemplation on the partition of the Indian subcontinent, and the reworking of the final day of the battle between the Kauravas and the Pandavas is also interpreted as an allegory of the war between two modern political states. Rightly so, the play could be taken as an allegory for the war between two technologically modern states, consequences…

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  • Analysis Of Symbolism By Manohar Malgonkar

    This observation was probably made by the novelist as he had travelled all over India, even to the Punjab, during his service in the army. However, this is a very dispassionate description of the carnage, although its horrors have been described very graphically. He too must have been stunned by the violence and the carnage that was the culmination of the freedom struggle. Manohar Malgonkar has also drawn the attention of the reader towards the ideals which no longer hold water and the creed of…

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  • Pat Barker's Regeneration Analysis

    Pat Barker's Regeneration is one of the best anti-war novels written in the late 1990s. Focusing on the adverse side of the First World War, Pat Barker tells the story of male soldiers who suffered shell shock on the battlefield. Most of these men share a common feature: they all suffer from both psychological and physical trauma that needs to be dealt with. The WW1 is considered the first modern war, introducing new inventions such as the mustard gas or the tank, as well as this was the first…

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  • Facing It By Yusef Komunyakaa

    Being a black citizen in southern America and raised in the dawn of the Civil Rights Movement, Komunyakaa “learned about despair and hope in a very particular way” (“Facing It” 109). He was forced to grow up and learn to deal with segregation and racism, resulting…

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  • Napoleon Bonaparte And The French Revolution

    Napoleon returned to Corsica with his family, but found opposition in his involvement in Corsican politics3. After his exile from Corsica for unpopular politics, Napoleon took widowed mother and siblings back to France, where he continued with the French army. Commanding as an alterity officer, Napoleon 's first victory was during the Siege of Toulon4 in 1793. Already notorious for his leadership skills and military potential at 26, Napoleon took the place of the former alterity commander after…

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  • Military Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

    research proposes to integrate the disciplines of History and Psychology to examine military Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The history of the shifting diagnoses and treatments of military veterans with PTSD can be applied to civilians as well. Different forms of PTSD have changed over time from the Civil War to the present war in Iraq. An in-depth analysis of various treatments shows that modern day treatments have evolved over time. The treatments are better equipped to cure military…

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  • Analysis Of Makenzie's Essay 'Let Women Fight'

    “Let Women Fight” Makenzie claims that women are more than capable of fighting in combat; the mental and physical demands of being in the military can easily be met by women, which can be seen very clearly, as many women are already serving in the military. Makenzie’s use of examples develops her logos in her essay well, and also makes a very convincing argument for readers. She lists facts and data, often giving the reader examples of women who are successful in the military, and reasons as to…

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  • Persuasive Essay On National Anthem

    standing for the national anthem since 1891. And since then it’s just been something tons of countries have been doing, Actually, People stop what they're doing and stand to the flag when the anthem starts playing. During the Olympics Rio 2016, An Army Reserve 2nd Lt. Sam Kendrick was spring down the lane for his pole vaulting attempt when he heard the national anthem start playing. In his dead sprint holding a 10ft pole, he hears the National Anthem start playing he…

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  • My Core Values: A Self Analysis

    confrontation. Nevertheless, it’s not the type of question that people are generally ready to answer, on a deep level. I aim to answer that question through this paper in order to help me reflect on my life as part of my pursuit in becoming a leader in the army. I will briefly discuss my background, my core values, and some the events that I believe have truly shaped me. I am currently in my final semester at West Point and preparing to serve in the infantry in the in my country. My interest and…

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