Black Liberation Army

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  • The Dangers In Charley's Fear Of War

    There are many more dangers faced than just battles and wars than being under enemy fire. One of the most reasonable or common that happens behind wars is fear and i did a little research and found out that being fearful in battle or any war is most common due to the stress of thinking that there's a chance that you will die or even lose one of your good friends in the battles. That’s not the only reason people become fearful though. When Charley went into the war he was at a young age and the…

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  • A Journey Taken With My Son Analysis

    Often time, wars are believed and seen as a mean to defend the home nation from physical catastrophe of foreign land and soldiers are praised and honored for their sacrifice. Not often enough do the common people take the time to scrape the surface with sayings like “thank you for your time” to look at the understanding that even though a war “makes men” and unites them, Hynes says that it isolates and cuts them off from other people. We are also controlled into believing that we understand…

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  • Seals Mission Summary

    judgment." (p. 15). By the time the book ends, the reader understands why the training is so difficult as the book outlines an intense battle sequence in which three of the four Navy SEALS lost their live and on that same day eight SEALs and eight Army Night Stalkers were killed from…

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  • Character Summary In 'Red Badge Of Courage'

    In the Red Badge of Courage, the main character Henry joins to army during the Civil War to fight for the Union and America. As the novel progress through Henry’s time in the army he learns how war truly is. In the beginning he refers to a wound as a red badge of courage and something to be sought after, but his mind soon changes as he sees his friends die. He realizes the harshness of war and of life and how lives are simply lost. When Henry joins the war effort he really is just a kid, both in…

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  • Chapter Analysis: The Things They Carried 'By Tim O' Brien

    The Things They Carried Log #1, Chapter 1, 08/19/15 Before reading this book, I had already formed my own biased opinion. War stories I can not help but find either completely and utterly boring, or excessively graphic. Not to say that I am not appreciative of what the men and women go through for the freedom of this country, I just prefer a different style of books. However, even with only reading the first chapter, my attention has been grabbed. I am getting the impression that this is not…

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  • The Western Way Of Warfare Parker Analysis

    History of warfare aims to explain the rise to dominance of what its author, Geoffrey Parker, understands as “the western way of warfare.” This particular way of war is defined by certain key characteristics which emerged in Roman and especially Greek military, where the connection between technology, tactics, and social organization was the harbinger of the western military practice. This, Parker claims, explains the dominance of western culture, more than economic, intellectual and other…

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  • Ethical Command Climate Essay

    Carl Von Clausewitz describes in his book On War, that war will always have some level of savage passion, and thus if we strive to maintain a level of civility in war, we must teach ourselves intelligent ways to manage force. We must maintain an ethical nature. This poses the question, with the ever-present savage passion in war, how do we maintain an ethical way of war? This is by no means easy to answer. However, by looking at how commanders maintain an ethical command climate we can…

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  • Weapons In The Dark Ages

    When people think of the Dark Ages, lots of them think of the black plague, death, and wars. Most of everything listed in association with the Dark Ages is on the darker side of things to happen in a time period. For example, there are many weapons of war made popular during the dark ages. 1Among the most popular weapons are the mace, crossbow, and a flail. In the Dark Ages, all men were supposed to know how to fight, and they were told to always be ready to go and fight for their kingdom.…

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  • Sniper Vs Sniper

    “Sniper”. The main character doesn’t have a name but it does say he is a Republican Sniper. The sniper was obviously in the army and was on duty. The conflict of the story was that the sniper was wounded by his opposed enemy. So, it was a hard for the Republican Sniper to kill his opposed enemy. So, he decided to trick…

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  • Supreme Command Analysis

    The normal theory of civil-military relations contends that politicians should declare a military operation’s objective and then step aside leaving the business of war to the military. In his book, “Supreme Command,” Eliot Cohen deviates from this normalcy theory by arguing that active statesmen make the best wartime leaders, pushing their military subordinates to succeed where they might have failed if left on their own. According to Cohen civilian intervention at both strategic and operational…

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