Birthright citizenship in the United States of America

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  • Equality In The American Revolution

    centuries. For all men to be created equal, means that all citizens have the same opportunity. It means that all citizens get the right to vote. And it means that all citizens live with the same standing, whether that be social or political. The United States back then was the complete opposite of equal. A small population of people holding a small amount of power does not make it a free nation. The Constitution betrayed the promise of equality for…

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  • Donald Trump's Struggle For Immigration Reform

    In this year’s presidential campaign immigration has become an important issue. The Department of Homeland Security indicates that there are 11.4 million illegal immigrants within the United States; however, only about 1 million immigrants are lawfully granted permanent residency each year (“Immigration Statistics Fast Facts”). The majority of the presidential candidates advocate for immigration reform, but no one’s idea of reform is as interesting as that of Donald Trump. Donald Trump entered…

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  • Japanese American Internment Camps

    Between 1942 and 1945, thousands of Japanese Americans, regardless of United States citizenship status, received orders to evacuate their homes and businesses. Sparked by rising fear and anxiety of the American people after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, a United States Naval base in Hawaii, the U.S. government relocated Japanese Americans to remote areas on the West Coast and in the south, isolating them in internment or relocation camps. With no actual evidence supporting the creation of…

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  • The Disenfranchised Groups Of America

    Disenfranchised Groups in America "What if the skinheads want to do the Pledge of Allegiance, we 're gonna [sic] do that too?" said Laura Ingraham, on her radio show."To some people that would be offensive, we 're gonna[sic] let them do that?"(Connar) Ingraham was commenting on an upstate New York school where a student saying the Pledge of Allegiance in Arabic, with the intention of celebrating and promoting multiculturalism during foreign language week. There are many people in this country…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Donald Trump

    Also, Rumor has it that trump is deporting up to 1 million illegal immigrants; if he is elected as president in the year 2016. What’s In Donald Trump’s Immigration Plan and How It Could Affect the GOP Drafted by Asma Khalid for NPR this article states from what Donald Trump discussed on August 17. This article mentions that Donald Trump believes that Mexicans are rapists…

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  • Civil War Benefits

    Civil War Did the costs of the Civil War end slavery and make America a better and safer nation for all Americans? Or, are we as Americans still fighting for equality? The Civil War acted as a catalyst for Americans and their human rights. It paved the way for equality for all under the law (Lincoln movie). The Civil War was between the Confederates, the south, and the Union, the north. The Confederates were fighting to keep slaves as plantation workers. The Union wanted slaves to be…

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