Donald Trump Policies

Donald Trump’s policies are imperiling american interests. At least insofar as we can call them policies. The republican frontrunner for the 2016 Presidential primary has not put out very many concrete plans but he certainly is not shy about blurting out controversial opinions and incendiary proclamations. Under the guise of being “politically correct” he threatens to ban all muslims entering the country and accuses mexican immigrants of being criminals and rapists. His economic plan, the most comprehensive plan he has submitted to the public, will only increase the national debt. His stance on climate change endangers not just the United States, but the future of the world.
Engraved at the base of the statue of liberty is a sonnet by
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The French Prime Minister Manuel Valls wrote that he “stokes hatred and conflations”. Bourhan Salem, a Syrian who fled his home to escape the violence expressed bewilderment at Trump’s statement. “How can a country that always talks about human rights do this or even consider this?” If this policy were put into place it could have wider consequences. Melissa Fleming is the spokeswoman for UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency that resettles about 120,000 refugees annually. She indicated that Donald Trump’s words are putting the entire resettlement program at risk. Electing him president would damage The United States’ reputation and its standing as a leader in the global community. In many ways the US would no longer be a nation that others look up …show more content…
It would cripple the US economy. The plan would cost billions of dollars, devastate industries integral to the US economy, and take decades to complete. Ben Gitis and Laura Collins of the American Action Forum estimate that it would cost between 400 and 600 billion dollars to completely enforce just the current laws as well as keep new immigrants from entering unlawfully. Trump’s reforms would increase the number of people being removed because he intends to end birthright citizenship and keep families together further increasing the total cost. Trump does suggest ways of paying for his plans but they certainly would not cover the entire cost, much less mitigate the damage to the

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