Immigration Opportunity Essay

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The Land of Opportunity
Are you proud to be an American? American citizens have been blessed enough to live in a country that offers a broad spectrum of freedom and opportunity. Foreigners dream of the day they can step foot on American soil. People are going as far as illegally crossing the U.S. borders to experience life here in the states. It’s such a good opportunity, that many foreigners bring their families over as well. The United States offers a variety of things that foreign countries do not. The United States offers good health care, sanitary living, high paying jobs, and ultimately good welfare benefits. Leerkes explained how governments in prosperous countries are increasingly regulating and selectively restricting international
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Nationally, 365 days a year we have our armed forces putting their lives on the line to give freedom and safety to those that live in America. Unfortunately, we have illegal immigrants unlawfully sneaking into the country, becoming security and economic threats. Not only are these illegal aliens bringing in drugs and creating a market, they are also causing violence. On top of the social threat, they have also have caused a big economic burden on society. Americans want their borders secured, and they understand the practice of granting birthright citizenship to the children of illegal aliens undermines border security encouraging illegal aliens to sneak into the country. Bhagwati claims there is an estimated 11 million illegal immigrants now living in the United States (10). Laws will soon begin changing as time progresses and when people realize the laws are outdated for our time. “The goal is to create a border control system that ensures that only those legally permitted by the government to enter the territory of the United States will be able to do so, and that they will leave the country when required” (Alden 112). In the end, Illegal immigrants may have some positive influence socially and economically on society; but overall their presence over the past decade has caused serious damage on American

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