The Pros And Cons Of Adopt The Dream Act

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We will be affirming the resolution stating, Resolved: The United States Federal Government should adopt the Dream Act. We affirm for three main reasons. 1) The DREAM act is a positive action. 2) The people affected by the DREAM act are a special class of immigrants and 3) US intelligence will also benefit.

Contention 1) Everyone will benefit from the DREAM Act.

Adopting the Dream Act not only benefits immigrants through education, but is more productive economically.

According to Camarota, the Director of Research at the Center for Immigration Studies, 1.03 million undocumented immigrants will pursue further education as a result of the Dream Act. (Nov 2010, The cost of deportation for these same students would reflect a number of $24.3 billion. (Clark, Dec 2010, FOX News)

Now illegal immigrants cost America $113 Billion annually, FAIR stated in February. However, once we educate these people and get them on the route to citizenship this current number would drastically change. Not only do we gain this immediate benefit but also others throughout the years. The fiscal contribution of each of these college graduates will be $9000 annually. (Lopez, Oct 2010,

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