Illegal Immigration Benefits America

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Illegal Immigration

In ''Illegal Immigrants Should Be Put on a Path to Earned Citizenship'' The author talks about a policy that was passed that ,if they are a potential illegal immigrant with no felony charges or misdemeanors , the local police does not have to hold them. This allows for the good immigrants to still have freedom without being deported without reason. In many community's the police are abusing their power and taking many 'suspected' illegal immigrants so for the policy to be passed it has been a relief to many immigrants. Another new policy ''The Family Unity Rule" allows for illegal immigrants who are immediate family members of someone in the U.S. can apply for a visa/waiver. The past rule used to be the illegal
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is an impossible goal. When people speak about immigrants a usual response to that is ''Immigrants are stealing American jobs'' while the jobs that immigrants do are strenuous and jobs that a regular working class American would not handle a week of doing due strenuous labor and low wages. For some odd reason the Americans who want to rid the U.S. of illegal immigrants believe that all undocumented immigrants work as CEOs or work upper class jobs. Undocumented workers pay billions of dollars into the economy such as paying for schooling, health , etc.. There is a political battle of how to view immigrants. The democrats know if the illegal immigrants were to vote that the democrats would win based on the values the believe. Republicans don’t like the idea because that would allow for illegal immigrants to have more freedoms, opportunities and receive more rights. If the immigrants are white there is no problem but once they see a skin color they want to get rid of them all ,no one has a problem with immigrants from Canada ,or Europe but go crazy when they're form Mexico. I would use this summary to show how prejudices are affecting the way we see people who are trying to better themselves and their …show more content…
makes it hard for undocumented immigrants to live in America. To get a green card can take years to even possibly be considered to be accepted ,an that’s not even to become a U.S. citizen. Its been proven that whenever there are a group of immigrants the production rates increase. Immigrants provide us with a lot pf goods for low pay. If immigrants were to leave the country it would be up to American citizens to take over the jobs such as agricultural jobs .When the Americans take up the jobs they are going ti require a much higher pay raise for the hard work and, much more benefits and that's if they even stick with the job. With immigrants productivity has increased in our economy. This summary will help my paper by explaining how having illegal immigrants helps the U.S. economy and not hurt it like many people

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