How Does Immigration Benefit America

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Immigration Immigration does not benefit America. Each year, thousands of immigrants, legal and illegal, from around the world, come into the United States. America as of now is extremely populated thus when immigrants enter the United States, it causes overpopulation. Immigrants are also increasing more unemployment for native born citizens. The reason why immigration does not benefit America is because the local governments that must provide educational and health care for them and their children are taxed (Connelly 174). Most emigrants come, because the country supplies them with better lives and more opportunity. Last be not least, emigrants force religion and culture onto others, by terrorizing them to become their spirituality. They want more people to become their religion and culture so that they can have more power. Immigration is a negative for the country. …show more content…
“Critics argue that the United States has a limited capacity to absorb immigrants” (Connelly 174). The country high resource consumption has worsened the intake of immigrants. “(Connelly 174). Many of the reasons why immigrants emigrate from other countries is because of more opportunity and more money. “Many immigrants have come to better their lives and receive more opportunity, but they do not realize that most of them are negatively affecting America, legal or illegal:
America is a nation of immigrants. Since its founding, the United States has absorbed waves of new arrivals from around the world. Settled primarily by the English, French, and Dutch in the seventeenth century. America attracted large numbers of Germans in the early nineteenth century. During the potato famine of the 1840s and 1850s, 1,700,000 Irish emigrated to the United States. Near the end of the century, millions more arrived from Italy and Eastern Europe. By 1910, 15 percent of American residents were foreign born (Connelly

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