Should Immigrants Be Allowed In America

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The most interesting aspect of Americans is their unwillingness to recognize the people they once were. The topic of immigration in the United States alone has been around for centuries. It seems almost impossible to find common ground on the situation and many people are even reluctant to speak about it. One-side views immigrants as a liability, while the other side views them as a means to boost the economy and help the government. Whether seen as a hindrance to one party or as a source of profit to the other, immigrants deserve their spot in America. Immigrants should be allowed into the United States regardless of age, gender, or ethnicity, because of the many beneficial attributes they bring to America, including increased cultural diversity, economic expansion, and younger, skilled, profitable workers. Immigrants who travel to America often come looking for employment and better wages. The typical unemployed American would supply that their reason for disliking immigration is that immigrants are …show more content…
Immigrants, like every other person, have positive and negative attributes, but in total, the positives outweigh the negatives. This can be seen through their incredible work ethic, ability to assimilate quickly to new culture, and their contributions to society. Without immigrants, the United States could never be where it is today. After all, the main benefactors to American society, especially in the 1600’s, were immigrants. “America was settle, founded and built by people who believed they were doing something exceptional. Other nations were defined by their history, but America was defined by its future, by the people who weren’t yet here and by greatness that hadn’t yet been achieved” (Brooks 1). This is representative of what America is and how America was sculpted into what it is today. Therefore, foreigners are a necessity to this foreign found

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