Immigrati Immigration: Beneficial To The United States

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Immigration Immigration is a subject surrounded by controversy in the United States since the nation’s creation. It began with the Germans and Irish, seeking refuge from persecution and famine (respectively) in the 1700s, and still continues today encompassing all races and ethnicities. Immigrants are everywhere from at work, the subway, restaurants, and neighbors. As the years go by the original (the original settlers of the Americas were the natives) Anglo Saxon American population is becoming smaller in comparison to other races and ethnicities. Because the american people are surrounded with immigrants, a question is asked, “What should be done about immigration?”. The question splits the American people, some are completely against immigration, some are completely for it, and others are moderates who might want it to be more regulated. Immigration is beneficial to nations because it increases productivity, promotes diversity, and incentivizes change. …show more content…
When people leave their country of origin, they are leaving typically for economic reasons. According to the Migration policy institute, most immigrants come from countries with inflation, and low wages, such as Mexico, and come to the United States for a better life. Anti-Immigration supporters typically argue the immigrants are taking American jobs except this is a lie. The MPI shows immigrants are taking the occupations less preferable to Americans, most notably, service jobs. Immigrants occupy 7.3% more service jobs than native born Americans, as opposed the Americans occupying 8.1% more office jobs than immigrants (Migration Policy Institute 2017). This means, immigrants are taking vacant positions that Americans typically don’t desire, and shows immigrants are here to join the

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