Cost Of Illegal Immigration Essay

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Notably, since the 1990’s illegal immigration has become an immense crisis for America. In fact, roughly twelve million illegal immigrants live in the United States. Unfortunately there are people in this country that believe illegal immigration is ok, and that Americans are just complaining about illegal immigration. However, the people who complain that illegal immigration is wrong are the people who are right. The twelve million illegal immigrants cause large amounts of trouble in America, because the cost to care for them is extremely expensive, their commitment of crime is high, and the deportation costs are minimal. In fact the price to take care of undocumented immigrants costs America several billions of dollars. For one thing, the cost of illegal immigration has fluctuated since the 1990’s, but on average illegal aliens cost taxpayers $326.7 billion each year. In addition, to the cost of illegal immigration in this country, so much money …show more content…
That being the case, it would cost the federal government approximately $100-114 billion dollars to deport all illegal immigrants, and it would take nearly 20 years. Under those circumstances, it would cost less to deport illegal immigrants than to account responsibility for them because $100-114 billion dollars within twenty years is much less expensive than $326.7 billion dollars each year. More importantly, U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement stated in 2013 it would cost around $8,600 dollars to deport one undocumented immigrant, using that as a foundation it would cost virtually $100 billion dollars to deport every single illegal immigrant within 20 years. Given that, it is important and crucial money wise for illegal immigrants to be deported. If not, there could be financial issues to come if America does not take appropriate action and grant a deportation

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