Immigration: Undocumented Immigrants In The United States

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A man makes the most daring crossing of his life. After gathering all of his courage he crosses something that could be his new life or his undoing, the U.S., Mexico border. No matter what he does, from this moment on he lives in the shadows. This story has become more and more common as illegal or otherwise known as undocumented immigrants have been entering and living in large numbers in the U.S. Their presence has seeped into the fabric of the country, even it’s politics today. As always, the divide opinion between the conservative Republican party and the liberal Democrat party on many issues including their economic effects. As there are many claims being expressed personally and in the media, the question has to be asked, how do …show more content…
The National Research Council found that in 1994 immigrants had a net fiscal drain between $11.4 billion and $20.2 billion annually. Individually, immigrants without a high school diploma cost the government $89,00 throughout their life (CIS). There are some cases on the contrary, however, where immigrants do pay more in taxes than they receive in benefits. One example of this is in Texas where a total of 13.9% of the country’s undocumented immigrants reside. The Texas comptroller reported in 2006 that undocumented immigrants paid $424.7 million more in state taxes than received in benefits such as schools, healthcare, etc. …show more content…
There is a way to calculate the effect of immigration to the existing population called the immigration surplus. It is calculated using a complicated formula. In an NAS study done by many economist it was calculated that the immigration surplus is 0.24% or in other words the net gain of immigration is 0.2% of the GDP, so a miniscule net positive (CIS). Lately, immigration and immigration policies have become quite a sticking point in politics. In the national political arena there has emerged two sides to the conflict. There is a right wing Republican view and a left wing Democrat. In broad strokes terms, the Republicans are against illegal immigration and the Democrats are pushing for amnesty and other ways to keep these undocumented people in the

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