How To Legalize Illegal Immigrants

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Immigrants travel to the United States of America for freedom but most importantly for prosperity. Some legislators and state officials have debated that immigrants are only taking jobs from Americans, costing taxpayers money and increasing crime rates. Immigrants should be allowed to gain basic American rights after making the trip to the United States, paying taxes, taking part in laborious work, continuing education and staying out of legal troubles.
A common misconception about illegal immigrants is that they do not pay taxes. In fact, immigrants are the reason why the Social Security Administration still has available funds. Ike Brannon states, “The Social Security Administration (SSA) estimates that were it not for illegal
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The amount of legal documents being given to legal immigrants alone is already significantly high, “The U.S. government issues about 1 million residency cards, or "green cards," that allow people to move to the United States legally each year” (Immigration 2015). Immigrants perform jobs that natives do not want to take part in. Brannon writes, “It is commonly asserted that illegal immigrants “steal” American jobs, while the other side of the debate insists that illegal immigrants do the jobs that Americans don’t want to do” (Brannon 2016). Immigrants can better certain low income communities throughout the Unites States. Brannon writes, “Between 1990 and 2010, 40 percent of Texas’ workforce growth came from foreign workers migrating from other countries (Brannon 2016). Granting immigrants basic American rights can influence elections exponentially if they are able to vote. Allowing immigrants to vote can work in favor of any candidate, “According to calculations, the states where most Hispanics live which are, California, Texas, Florida, New Jersey and New York are worth roughly 171 electoral votes equaling 63 percent of the 270 needed to win the presidency” (Immigration 2016). Removing all illegal immigrants can also be costly to taxpayers, including native taxpayers. “The pro-amnesty American Action Forum (AAF) calculated it would cost the United States government $400 to $600 billion to remove all illegal aliens who are currently living in the United States within a period of two years, this also includes keeping illegal aliens out” (Immigration

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