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  • Fly Away Peter

    in a state of dangerous innocence” to a “soldier like the rest… a [man]”. Malouf reiterates the idea of Jim’s journey from child to man when “outside, for the first time since he was a kid, [he] cried”. Through the use of contrasting settings and binary opposites, Malouf is able to elaborate on the corruption caused by the brutality and nature of…

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  • Astronomy: The Evolution Of Stars

    look up to the sky and see millions of stars, and I wonder to myself. What makes them light up so bright, and what makes them a star? What does it take to create a star; they just don’t pop out and shine bright. I want to know the process, and how long it takes for a star to be born. I am also curious to know if the star can die. I plan on finding the answer. I believe that they are created by gases and that they die when they use up all of their gases. Stars have had an impact in our society…

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  • Explore Space Research Paper

    land on the moon. This shows that if we had not done those Apollo missions, we might of still have not landed on the moon and still be trying to explore space from Earth. Another example is, the hubble space telescope takes pictures every day of, stars, planets, and even, black holes. This shows that eventually we will get a picture of a planet that we can colonize on. My third example is, satellites have helped us find new discoveries of Earth and they are also used for electronic maps. This…

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  • Role Of Astronomy In Yosemite

    Astronomy in Yosemite The Sun The sun is a star located at the center of the universe, and without it, there would be no life on Earth. It is the most important source of energy for humans as it provides us light, heat, and more. It can reach surface temperatures of about 5,276 degrees Celsius, and 10,340 degrees Fahrenheit. The composition of the Sun changes slowly as hydrogen is converted into helium in its core; however, it is currently made up of around 70% hydrogen, 28% helium, and less…

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  • Creative Writing: The Sky Was Full Of Stars

    The Sky Was Full of Stars but They Weren’t the Type of Stars You Can Make Wishes On- Sophie Rubenstein A screaming came across the sky. Celeste searched her surroundings but she could not find the star that had fallen. The random, chaotic killings of her fellow stars began approximately two nights prior. The murders shook her constellation to the core. The taking of a life was a human practice. Nothing so violent had happened in her hemisphere for nearly two-thousand years. By nature, Celeste…

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  • Star Motifs In Neruda's Poems

    beings can feel true joy without first experiencing sadness with his use of stars throughout his poetry to signify a light in the dark. Neruda uses a star motif to indicate a positive feeling or outlook surrounded by the harsh darkness of negativity. Neruda suggests that there can only be light if there is also darkness and the emotional highs and lows in life must ultimately balance out. In his poems, Neruda uses the motif of stars to portray positive emotions in contrast to the negative…

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  • Light Vs Panspermia Theory

    There are many theories for how life started on earth. After reading many theories, I found the Lighting and Panspermia theory the most interesting. These two theories made the most sense to me even though they don’t have much in common. The Lighting theory is the idea of chemicals from earth’s early atmosphere working together with chemicals and lighting from erupting volcanoes in order to create the first life on earth. The second theory is the Panspermia theory, the idea that earth’s first…

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  • Kepler Telescope Essay

    The Kepler Telescope main instrument is a photometer. This instrument measures the brightness of stars within its field of view. Data is then gathered and analyzed to detect any variations or deviations of light which is caused by the transits of plants of host stars. These dips in light help in detecting planets in "Habitable Zones". Gliese-581g The planet Gliese 581g is one of six possible planets in the constellation Libra. This exoplanet was discovered in late September 2010. The main reason…

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  • Leon Battista Alberti

    Quod phoenix est ut incenderent existo.’-The phoenix must burn to emerge. In accordance to this statement everything in this cosmos at one point of time must be reborn to emerge stronger than ever. There is a specific period in life when humans at a certain time become retrospective. Rebirth or The Renaissance during the Quattrocento period in Italy epitomized this phenomenon. Classical antiquity and the interest and learning that accompanied it was reborn after the Middle Ages in a period…

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  • Pentacles Research Paper

    A Pentacle is very similar to a pentagram. A pentagram is a five-pointed star, each point representing one of the five elements, earth, air, fire, water, and akasha also known as spirit. A pentacle is a pentagram encased in another shape; most commonly a circle but it can any shape, a pentagon, a triangle, or another star. The word its self is broken down into two pieces, “penta” meaning five sided, and “cle” referencing the circle. It is a symbol cloaked in history and dripping with meaning.…

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