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  • Short Story: The Frustrated Taxi

    As we arrived to our new four star hotel we felt relieved and felt almost safe. We made our way to the dining area ready to eat a delicious breakfast buffet. I neared a chef that was preparing waffles and she grunted at me in acknowledgement. “ Do you need help?” A young beautiful chinese…

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  • Distance And Age Of M52

    The upper point on the main sequence which is the most densely populated with stars where the red giants seem to begin is called the turnoff point; the exact location of turnoff point indicates the age of the cluster. Deriving the distance and age of M52 We have already identified main sequence, turnoff point, and giant red for M52 shown in figure by comparing with Figure 1. A best fit line this will help to find the distance to open cluster M52 by using the techniques of best fit line. In…

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  • The Drake Equation: Mediocrity

    civilizations within the universe right now. R* is the approximate rate of the formation of stars within our galaxy. Fp represents the fraction of stars in the Milky Way that are companioned by other planets. Ne takes the place of the number of planets per sun-like star that have habitable ecospheres, which is what allows for the chemical evolution of life. Fl is what breaks up the planets per sun-like star which obtain inhabiting ecospheres and separates them from the ones that actually do…

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  • How Does Gravity Maintain Our Solar System

    Without the gravitational pull or the attraction a sun exerts on our planets we would just float away from the sun. According to Inside of spinning disk is a rocky material because all of the gas had joined together and created a star.…

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  • Kinetic Energy Vs Potential Energy Essay

    First, Energy has multiple forms that can switch different states. The two most common forms of energy are, Kinetic and Potential Energy. Kinetic Energy is the energy created when an object is in motion. It can be transferred between two objects if the object has enough energy, therefor it can be from of a collision. Kinetic energy can also be elastic or inelastic energy, however Potential Energy is an energy, but is potentially created before Kinetic Energy. Both types of energy are measured in…

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  • Thermonuclear Fusion Essay

    1. What is meant by the luminosity of the Sun? a. The luminosity of the Sun is the total amount of energy that is emitted by the Sun every second. (Slater) 2. What is thermonuclear fusion? Why is this fusion fundamentally unlike the burning of a log in a fireplace? a. Thermonuclear fusion is the conversion of hydrogen nuclei into helium nuclei. b. The chemical reaction of burning a log on Earth would cause the outer electrons of the atoms involved to rearrange themselves. But, this change…

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  • Wingy: A Short Story

    eyes and the face attained beauty as we define it. Then he grew transparent wings that were radiating hues of gold and started to levitate, increasing his speed and fading into a sphere of incandescent light made of iridescent waves unleashing bright stars.…

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  • The Protoplanet Hypothesis

    Space is extraordinary! It is full of planets, stars, and many other things. There are several different hypotheses that were proposed on how the solar system was created. One of these hypotheses is the Nebular that was formulated by Pierre-Simon de Laplace in 1796. Many years later, in the 1900s, the Protoplanet hypothesis was proposed by Carl von Weizsäcker and Gerard Kuiper. Forest Moulton and Thomas Chamberlin proposed the Planetesimal hypothesis in 1905. The Nebular hypothesis starts…

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  • Goofy Short Story Essay

    morning star. But then Goofy started to run as if he wanted to show something. Zhana followed him up to the hill, realising that something spectacular was about to happen. An illuminated figure threw a twig that Goofy ran to catch it. As Zhana looked up to the sky, a flying dish was rumbling. In one lightning move, it dwindled to the vanishing…

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  • Astrology In Islam Research Paper

    the study of heavenly bodies, as they considered celestial bodies to be divine. Travelers at that time relied on the knowledge of the stars to guide them around. Later on Muslims adopted…

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