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  • Bernie Sanders: The Leader Of Our Community

    These two leaders show the perfect traits and leadership skills for our community. A leader is a guide or someone who has commanding authority and or influence on a community. And Bernie Sanders is a perfect fit for our community, his beliefs on education and the environment line up perfectly with our community's. Bernie also has the certain attributes we are looking for in a leader. A leader must have certain characteristics to become our leader. Our leader must be trustworthy.…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Bernie Sanders

    Bernie Sanders is a sassy old man and enemy to Donald Trump, a headstrong and unapologetic democrat, and a favorite among millennials. In 2016, he ran for president and competed for the coveted democratic nomination against the now-president Donald Trump, which he lost to Hillary Clinton. Being a 75 year old man who repels nearly every right wing associated person, it is at first confusing as to why so many young voters were attracted to him until his educational platform is brought forward.…

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  • Comparison Of Hillary Clinton And Bernie Sanders

    media has focused mainly on two democratic candidates: Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Both are very hard-working and exuberant political figures and they have presented introspective campaigns thus far. However, of these two, I strongly believe that Bernie Sanders is the right person to lead the United States of America. Not only does he have the experience to guide our country into an era of prosperity, but Sanders is one of few presidential candidates that voters can relate to. Our nation…

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  • Bernie Sanders: Raising The Minimum Wage

    Bernie Sanders is a Democratic candidate that is running for President of the United States. He was elected to the U.S. Senate after 16 years as Vermont’s only congressman in the House of Representatives. Bernie Sanders is a unique individual that comes from a Jewish family, mostly appeals to the young crowd, and primarily supports the middle and low working classes. But now faces a new challenge as Bernie Sanders is new blood when it comes to presidential election in that he is a…

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  • Analysis Of Hillary Clinton And Bernie Sanders

    The Democratic presidential nomination is up for grabs and two candidates are campaigning for the Democrats’ votes in order to stand against the Republican nominated candidate, Donald Trump. The two candidates campaigning are Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Unlike Donald Trump, both have made a successful career in politics. They have similar views on some issues but the small differences that set them apart are what matters. It is vital for the Democratic party to nominate the right…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Bernie Sanders Speech

    Bernie Sanders is a socialist democrat whose main platform is helping the middle and lower classes through jobs programs, increased minimum wages, and additions of social safety nets. He knows who his main audience is. They are younger voters who traditionally do not vote as often as older voters. These older, predominantly white, voters generally lean more conservatively. In order to secure his predominantly young audience, he is focusing on issues that impact them more, issues such as climate…

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  • Bernie Sanders On Free College Education

    Amirah Badriah Mohd Azhar Political Science 1 Professor Anderson June 16, 2016 Paper Assignment: Bernie Sanders on Free College Education in the United States The Senator from Vermont that nobody knew about prior to the presidential race, Bernie Sanders, has come a long way to the surprise of most of the American public. Nobody could foresee the immense support he will gain especially from the younger generation who are the major force behind his campaigns and rallies. He has rejected funding…

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  • Bernie Sanders Should Be Allowed To Vote In Elections

    and had some of the highest voter turnout for the Democratic primaries. This candidate was Bernie Sanders, since having been taken out of the presidential race Hillary Clinton has taken the spot for the Democratic candidate. Bernie was able to win over many college student with the belief that young people should be able to attend school or college without accumulating a massive amount of debt. Once Bernie was eliminated it could be possible that many voter between ages 18-24 have decided not to…

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  • Senator Bernie Sanders Abortion Analysis

    Senator Bernie Sanders is a Senator from Vermont who started his life of politics at a young age. Senator Sanders comes from a family of immigrants, his father came to America in 1921 at the age of 17. With his father being an immigrant this undoubtedly shaped the way he views immigrant laws. Living in Brooklyn in the early 1930’s, Senator Sanders became aware of Hitler’s rise to power and tyranny. Being Jewish himself, watching millions of innocent people of his own religion die in the hands of…

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  • Bernie Sanders: The Living Example Of The American Dream

    In conclusion, Bernie Sanders is the living example of the American Dream. Before drafting this case analysis, his life was a complete mystery to me. I don’t regret choosing Bernie Sanders as the personality case I had to assess. A son of an immigrant, worked hard to better himself and pursue his dreams of becoming a politician after many failed attempts. His achievements make me dream of a better future if I work hard enough on the land of opportunities. In a particular way, Sanders struggles…

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