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  • Social Media Overcoming Free Rider Problem During The Arab Spring Movement

    victory of Clinton because things were not going to change drastically. Also Hillary Clinton`s supporters, who believed her supporters alone were enough votes to win the presidency, did not put a lot of work into reaching the alley to work with Bernie Sanders`s supporters who did not trust Hillary. However, there was a lot of work done on social media to suggest that Hillary Clinton had already won the election because of her temperament. CNN or ABC debates and all debates between Donald Trump…

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  • Mythological Heroes

    we live in. Which is why my hero is Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders might not have won the 2016 elections, but he does stand up for basic human rights and respects the world we live in. Bernie Sanders has said that he is pro-choice, a stand for the LGBTQ community, and he acknowledges global warming. Bernie Sanders has also said that he values the lives of people of color and doesn’t want to see anymore die at the hands of a police officer. Bernie Sanders is compassionate for the world we…

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  • Saving Capitalism Analysis

    inaccurate, goes against the free market and is based on socialism. In the United States, the candidate, Bernie Sanders addresses capitalism and the free market with strong comments that are a parallel to Robert Reich. With tax rates for the rich at an all time low in history, massive tax breaks and tax loopholes for corporations, the middle class has been ousted from their own government. Bernie Sanders and Reich both understand America is and should be fighting for their waning democracy and…

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  • Character Analysis Of Bernie Sanders's Behavior And Life

    Bernie Sanders personality is very complex. The most important personality characteristics reflected on his behavior and life outcomes are the following; he is an analytic, compassionate, sincere, altruistic, passionate, moral, profound, persistent, wise, hardworking, humble, liberal, private, leader, outspoken, humorous, and caring individual. According to Psychologist Alfred Alder, there is a basic motivation within ourselves to strive for perfection. “Perfection” is not being a perfect…

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  • The Rhetoric Of Optimism

    society because people believe that optimism is a good thing. People believe that it's good to stay positive. The importance of living by the lithuanian proverb”Gold glitters even in mud ” can be shown Through Bernie Sanders, Barack Obama, Be positive! , and Brazil's zika problem Bernie sanders is optimistic about our country.He thought he already had the seniors vote so he didn't worry..”I have…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Bernie Sanders's Speech

    Bernie Sanders gave a speech at the National Nurses United Endorsement in Oakland, California on August 10th, 2015. During his speech he engages his audience by using pathos which is talking to the audience by making it feel personal and caring. By this making his speech rhetorically effective due to the excellent use of pathos throughout the speech and effective overall because the use of logos which was developed in a great way which led to an excellent sense of ethos. Bernie used pathos in…

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  • Dick Van Dodle Case Study

    Actor and TV legend Dick Van Dyke just endorsed Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders. Related; Did Ron Paul Just Endorse Bernie Sanders? Why is this important? Well for a couple reasons. For one Van Dyke is 90 years old and because he has been around and in the entertainment industry for 70 plus years he has seen his fair share of corruption and chicanery inside and outside of the industry, and maybe more importantly this is the first Presidential candidate Van Dyke has felt…

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  • Donald Trump Personality Analysis

    Sanders extraversion trait allows him to easily mobilize young voters through his grassroots efforts. His experience gives him an advantage to connect with people who share the same personality traits. When observing Sanders personality trait on social media, he demonstrates a dominant style of a person who’s ready to take action and get things done. Sanders has caused much buzz on social media, during a debate he received the…

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  • Why We Should Minimum Wage Be Abolished Essay

    Christmas time it's election time. With Elections comes all the fanfair about who should we actually vote into office. Even though I personally believe politics has turned into a joke if I had to vote for somebody I would vote for Bernie Sanders. I believe Bernie Sanders should be president based on his view over the issues considering minimum wage, health care for veterans, and believing all public high education should be free. Minimum wage is the lowest amount a person can be paid for while…

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  • Essay On Why College Should Not Be Free

    universities so that they are able to function and upgrade their facilities. College should not be free because it would lead to tax raises, the value of a degree would decline, and the overall quality of the educational environment would decrease. Bernie Sanders, U.S. Senator and Democratic candidate, is in favor of tuition-free public colleges and universities and states that “Too…

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