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  • Custom Essay: The Ethics Of Designer Babies

    adding up the cost of everything involved in the procedure will result in a“ outcome cost [of’] around $50,000.”6 Because the rich can afford designer babies while the poor can’t, the poor and the rich will be further divided as classes. Like what Bernie Sanders said about how the poor is becoming poorer. The rich will also be affected as a tertiary stakeholder because as people are getting poorer, they can provide jobs at lower prices and get…

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  • Neoliberalism: The Rise Of The West

    Neoliberalism in the contemporary era, is the key issue bolstering the unequal power relationships and wealth inequality that drives political discontent, which now engulfs the western world. Presently, to comprehend the origins of neoliberalism, the appeal to history must begin with a powerful simplification: colonialism. Colonialism is the subjugation by physical and psychological force of one culture by another through military conquest of territory and caricaturing the relation between the…

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  • The Importance Of Education In New York City

    Over the previous decades, New York City was able to reform itself into the one of the most populated areas in the United States today. This city is known to embrace diversity for our population, which attracts the attention of immigrants who desired new opportunities and fortunes. Since the passing of the Immigration and Nationality Amendments of 1965, New York City experienced a wave of immigrants. New York City is currently the home to millions of people who came from different countries…

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  • Hillary Clinton Scandal Analysis

    She switched her stance when the American people did according to the statistics on Gallup. In 2013, sixty-six percent of the American population was in favor of gay marriage (McCarthy). Relatively, this is a parallel example of Hillary’s deception she has consistently shown in her campaign and her entire political career. America deserves a president that has steady views and does not switch when the majority calls for it or when it benefits her campaign economically. According to an article…

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  • Hate In America Research Paper

    It’s October, warmer than your typical autumn weather, but that’s most likely from the years of carbon emitted into our atmosphere. It’s normal, we even make jokes about how nobody cares our environment is changing, even though it will cause the next great extinction. This is normal life for me. Every day I wake up and get to witness humans hate humans because their skins are a different color, I get to see humans treat money more valuable then thousands of other humans, and i also get to see…

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  • Electoral College: True Representative Democracy In The United States

    Democracy relies on representative democracy in the ability of the populace to participate in and take part in general elections for the representative leaders of the country. However there are rules in systems in place in a true representative democracy more complicated than it was in the past. Voters today are also faced with a large and increasing number of hot topic issues that require more knowledge than the average voter is likely to know which in turn makes meaningful presence in the…

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  • Amos Summary

    certain contributors to direct their message not towards what they actually believe would help the country to be successful, but rather toward what the money they are receiving is going towards. An example of this was the DNC’s efforts to make sure Bernie Sanders could not win the democratic nomination over Hillary Clinton. Because of the DNC’s power, they were not punished adequately for essentially thwarting a nomination unfairly. This corruption is what Amos prophecies against as this…

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  • Five Stages Of A Virtual Team

    Introduction For those who have been working for the past 30 or 40 years or longer are happy with going to the employer’s location, performing their job and going home. While for some what is new to them are those employees who work from home, or seem to never leave their cubical and stare at one or more computer monitors all day or in a conference meeting. Businesses and managers are continually looking for ways to increase performance, sales, production, all while cutting costs. Virtual…

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  • Gun Violence Argument

    Gun Violence Argument essay “Yes, people pull the trigger - but guns are the instrument of death. Gun control is necessary, and delay means more death and horror”(Eliot Spitzer). Gun Control and debating whether they should be stricter has been a debate that has lasted for Centuries, and waiting and not making any progress and letting mentally ill individuals, criminals and drug abusers get a hold of a gun or an assault weapon that can bring harm to innocent people living their normal life is…

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  • Going Broke By Degree: Why College Cost So Much

    Colleges have gotten away with charging more and more for their tuition rates, but the question is, are they justified? The simple answer is no. The primary reason for increasing tuition rates is debated by many. According to Sandy Baum, a professor in Education Administration at George Washington University, in her contribution to an NPR broadcast, it is due to decreasing state help meaning that students are paying more and more of the tuition on their own. John Merline, a writer for Investors…

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