America Income Inequality Analysis

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Income inequality is the reason for America’s high influx of wealth to the upper percent of our country. Due to a now misrepresented governmental system, Americans wages and way of life has drastically lowered and as a result, has halted America’s once prestigious influence on the world 's economy. With the American dream far from capable in today 's economy, many question America’s opportunities for people of different backgrounds and countries.
In our society the greatest achievement anyone can accomplish is getting the American dream, this however, is a struggle in it’s own. The economy is affected by power differences between people, money is spread according to social power and a person’s influence in the society. Celebrities, politicians,
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That in itself, is someone 's one year at college. There is no way that can be paid off, not without working a job that makes more or going back to school to get a higher degree. America’s highest earning 10% make $295,845, top 5% make $448,489, top 1% make $1,260,508 and America’s top .01% make $6,087,113 ( Priester/Mendelson), this drastic increase in wealth as you go up the chain shows how much of a money distribution problem America has, not even, two years ago. The nation’s top 1% has also doubled their share in the nation 's income since 1973, making income inequality almost as high as it was in the 1920’s( Priester/Mendelson). The main argument today by baby boomers who lived in an era of prosperity and low income inequality is that the youth are too lazy and complain about money too much. The economy however, is not set up to buy a home or a car and support it in a major city or in a city in general, the only people I know who have cars or homes are out in rural areas or have taken out loans to get the car or home. There is no reasons Americans should be struggling to make a form of the American dream

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