Almighty President Essay

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An “Almighty” President How much power does the president of the United States of America actually have? He is able to appoint or remove people from office, has the power to pardon, and is given the executive privilege, a power to keep information confidential. But a lot of ideas or commands the president 's wants to or has given, is to be put into a process before getting approved. Candidates often use this tactic of appearing to be a god amongst men and manipulate voters into thinking the president can do what they want and nobody can stop them. Somehow Trump convinced the American people he can negotiate with Mexico for only three days and have a wall on the border with his term. Hillary Clinton told us that her emails weren’t classified information and some believed. And Bernie Sanders also convinced some that he can create a “single payer health care system without providing any details as to how it would be paid for.” (Gardner 144) A young boy or girl in middle school is running for class president could tell everyone that there will be no homework ever again. But then when elected doesn’t hold their promises true; it 's all the same. This is our basic fundamental of checks and balances. “Voters are focusing their blame and hope onto one person and one office, that of president.” (Gardner 144) Here are a few reasons why the executive branch in our …show more content…
Many people got upset and blamed him for waging war but in reality it was congress who declared it. One false cognitive is that the president has the ability to declare war against another nation. But the power to declare war against another nation falls into the hands of Congress. According to Gitelson, “The president was to command the troops once they were committed to battle, but Congress was to make the decision to wage war.” (Gitelson 402) It may be shocking, but even the president has

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