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  • Enemy Of The State Analysis

    (1650)The Governmental Abuse of Power: The Unethical Misuse of Satellite Surveillance Technology in Enemy of the State (1998) This film study will define the unethical misuse of satellite surveillance technology by the government in Enemy of the State (1998), which is a form of governmental abuse of the privacy and legal rights of the citizen. The use of satellite technology in this film defines the power of the National Security Agency (NSA) to observe and monitor the general public as a form…

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  • Misconceptions Naomi Wolf Summary

    The book titled ‘Misconceptions: Truth, Lies, and the Unexpected on the Journey to Motherhood’ by Naomi Wolf is a book detailing the author’s perspectives and experiences of her pregnancy, birth, and motherhood period. It is a well researched book intersecting with personal accounts of experiences of pregnancy and birth while relating it to the birth culture in America. The book had three major parts which detailed the author’s pregnancy period, the birth period and the period after birth In…

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  • Feminist Issues: Movie Analysis

    The key arguments of Feminist Issues: Race, Class, and Sexuality Pages one hundred eighty-five to one hundred ninety and the last forty-five minutes of the film Status Quo are people need to change their perception of what women’s abortion rights should be, there must be universal childcare that is affordable and easy to access and that gender is a performance that men commonly use and is different for men of different race and disability. The argument that people must have respect for others…

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  • Supreme Court Case: Chimel V. California

    remove these items. After the fact, the detectives discovered the cause of death to Mr. Thompkins was a gunshot wound. Chimel v. California, 395 U.S. 752 (1969) held that the police officers did not have the right to search an entire house without probable cause for a warrant. This ruling supports the violation of the Fourth Amendment in the case against Slim Workman. Chimel v. California holds the doctrine to the Fourth Amendment. The officers did not obtained a warrant or have probable…

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  • King Charles VI: The King In Plato's The Republic

    (Encyclopedia Britannica, n.d;, 2013) His reign begun at the age of 11 with the death of father, King Charles V in 1380, and ended with his own death in 1422 for a total of 42 years. (Encyclopedia Britannica, n.d) Due to the age of Charles VI being below the required age for independent rulership, his uncle, Philip the Bold was appointed regent, along with the…

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  • Abortion Pro Life Essay

    Abortion is one of the pressing matters in this modern world. Most of the people think that abortion is harmless and it is the right of a women to decide about her own life .They feel a women have the right to choose what is good and what is bad for her. However in reality abortion is similar to a murder, taking away someone’s life for our selfish need.It is also considered as a social evil because of the impact which is left on the women who is involved in abortion. The women who undergoes this…

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  • Arguments Against Abortion Debates

    Throughout the article Abortion, the Marginalized, and the Vulnerable: A Social Justice Perspective for Reducing Abortion, Steven Tracy struggles with the ever present issues of abortion as well as the social injustice surrounding this debate. Though Tracy aligns with the pro-life political stance, he presents criticisms for both sides of this important and heated debate. On the other hand, Thia Cooper never denies her stance that abortion should be legal, but along the same lines she brings up…

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  • Legal Case Study: Susie Vs. Negligence

    Susie V. Tommy Negligence To prove negligence, the defendant must owe a duty to the plaintiff, that duty must be breached, and the defendant’s actions or inactions were the cause of the plaintiff’s injury. Duty Duty is the legal obligation required of an individual to act as a reasonable prudent person under similar circumstances. Drivers are required to act with reasonable care when encountering other vehicles and pedestrians. Tommy was the driver of the vehicle and Susie was a pedestrian.…

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  • Reproductive Rights In The Handmaid's Tale

    In the real world, leaders, governments and even certain countries have been trying to decrease population growth in developing countries with contraceptives and sterilization whereas in The Handmaid’s Tale they are trying to increase the population growth because of their infertility. In Gilead’s society, women are obligated to have children with men they do not care for and are forced to give them away at birth. Women are not only diminished to their fertility and ability to reproduce but they…

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  • The Importance Of The Miranda Rights

    In 1966, the Miranda Rights were established, and the police interrogation and trialing system were changed forever. Following the case of Miranda v Arizona, in which Ernesto Miranda, who was arrested on the charges of robbery, kidnapping and rape, confessed during the interrogation period, but only due to alleged intimidation tactics used by police forces. While the trial was thrown out and retried, convicting Miranda rightfully of the charges for which he confessed, the change to read out the…

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