Living Incubators, Fetal Container Or Womb With Legs By Melanie Demaeyer

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In the article “Living Incubators, Fetal Container or Womb with legs”? by Melanie DeMaeyer states that women should be able to have control of their own bodies, and have their own image of pregnancy, and not what society should have you look like. The main idea DeMaeyer focuses on is that every woman should have the right what to choose, and what to do with their bodies. In this article DeMaeyer big argument is that women should not be thought of as objects, or “others”, and should be equal and a part of today’s society. What is okay to do with your body, and what is not okay to do with your body? While reading this article, I noticed that DeMaeyer spoke a lot about women and their bodies. “Living Incubators, Fetal Container or Womb with legs” is an article about pregnant women being told what they should look like, being used for their reproductive organs, and having no control of their bodies. The second page of the article states what does it mean to become a woman, remain, a woman, and to be a woman? Society says that you are defined as …show more content…
In the first couple of pages of this article it states what a woman should be like, and how she is seen throughout every day. In my opinion, I believe a pregnant woman's way more ridiculed than a regular woman. A pregnant woman is body shamed, and she is told what do with her body by society and men. Robyn Longhurst states that “Pregnant bodies are not to be trusted, rather they are to be dreaded, when occupying a public space” When women hear about this they feel as if they are not allowed to be seen, and should stay behind closed doors. Women’s bodies in contrast to a man’s body is because of the fetus. Men feel as if they’re bodies are a part as pregnant women’s. Since men are a contributing factor in the making of a baby, they do have a say in what they would like to do with their

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