What I Saw At The Abortion By Selzer Analysis

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The Necessity of Abortion
In his essay, “What I Saw at the Abortion,” Dr. Richard Selzer writes about his experience witnessing an abortion for the first time. He does not writes from an objective viewpoint, and he tries to persuade people that abortion is an evil thing which people should feel guilty for doing it. Although he pretends to be fair in his essay, what he want is to desolate the reasons of abortion and transfer the emphasis to the little “needle” thing. For example: I know. We cannot feed the great numbers. There is no more room. I know, I know. It is woman’s right to refuse the risk, to decline the pain of childbirth. And an unwanted child is a very great burden. An unwanted child is a burden to himself. I know
And yet . .
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Richard Selzer, knows everything that make a woman choose abortion, but soon he turned 180 degree and using words like “life prodded” and “life fending off” to make people think about the cruelty of taking an imperfect life. Which really does a good job in this essay. Besides, he does writes some his own imaginations in his article to persuade people that abortion is bad, for instance:
A spike of daylight pierces the chamber. Now the light is extinguished. The needle comes closer in the pool. The point grazes the thigh, and I stir. Perhaps I wake from dozing. The light is there again. I twist and straighten. My arms and legs push. My hand finds the shaft–grabs! I grab. I bend the needle this way and that. The point probes, touches on my belly. My mouth opens. Could I cry out? All is a commotion and a churning. There is a presence in the pool. An activity! The pool colors, reddens, darkens.
This paragraph is totally an imagination – the baby’s feeling during abortion – of Dr. Richard Selzer, which states the powerlessness of an unborn baby suffering the abortion, and motivates readers’ sympathy to those unborn life caused by
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Richard Selzer gives us such an insightful story, but do we really need to pity an unborn life? People should understand that the reasons of the having abortion is much more serious and important than meaningless hypocrisy. Can people recall who is the one become pregnant and give birth to the child after 10 months? Who is the one always under the terror of being raped and the exponential gossips? Who is the one suffers the great pain of parturition? Mom. Woman. Those poor women have been suffered the terror of pregnancy because of compulsory intercourse and seduction for such a long time. Now they have a powerful weapon to say “no” to the result of sex and violence, is not it such a cruel to deprive their woman right? Besides, according to the data from World Health Organization, there has almost 830 women die because of pregnancy and childbirth every day. This number is extremely high in some urban areas that do not have enough medical equipment to prevent those helpless women from infinite pain, both mentally and physically. Also, people need to notice that raising a children is such a great burden for a family. According to an analysis from CNN Money, the average cost of raising a child is over 245,000 dollars by now, while another analysis from CNN Money shows that in 2014, a typical American family earned 53,657 dollars. Imagine that if a poor girl has no choice but to be a single mother. How tough will her life be in her future life, and her child’s

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