Pros And Cons Of Late-Term Abortion Essay

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Do you believe in killing innocent babies? Most people believe that it is morally wrong; if men and women want to have unprotected sex then they should be held responsible. On the other hand people believe that women should have the right to choose because they could be a victim of incest and some young ladies are too young to bear children. Overall, Late-Term Abortions Should Be Banned presents the more effective argument based on, claim and reasons, evidence audience, and appeal. In the article, Late-Term Abortions Should Be Banned, explains how they believe that late-term abortions or all abortions should be banned. President Barack Obama supports abortion and says that it is a “private family matter”. An example the article gives is the …show more content…
Gosnell performed this procedure hundreds of times and he called it “snipping” to “ensure fetal demise.” In most of the cases the fetus was in the third trimester. “All abortion is murder, and late-term abortion is a particularly egregious procedure that should not be aloud under any circumstances.” (Abortion, 2011. p. …show more content…
Also the woman gynecologist in the article did not perform abortions the first twelve years of her career even though her work allowed her too because she came from a traditional background where it was morally wrong but she then recognized that abortions were a need in parent’s lives. She has many different stories of women who would come in seeking abortions that were unplanned, unwanted, or wanted but lethally-flawed pregnancies. For example, “Approximately one in three women in the U.S. will terminate a pregnancy in their lifetime.” (Parker 2012, p. 8.)
For example, an 11-year old girl discovered she was pregnant by her grandmother to be nineteen weeks pregnant but wouldn’t tell her who impregnated her but they didn’t believe that it was incest. The reality of it was that the girl was way too young to bear a child so they made the decision to abort the baby so she could have her childhood restored. “The reality is that some women have pregnancies they did not plan and have no desire to continue and, therefore, they seek abortion legal or not, safe or not.” (Parker, 2012. p.

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