Erika Bachiochi's Argument Against Abortion

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In recent discussions of women having abortion, a controversial issues has been whether it should be against the law or not for women to have an abortion. On one hand, some argue that it should be against the law for women to have an abortion because some a portion of the population thinks it should illegal since the mother is ending her pregnancy by killing the baby. They believe it is considered murder since the mother is practically killing the fetus. On the other hand, however, others argue that women should be allowed to have an abortion if they want to because if the individual believes that she is not able to support the baby or does not want to have it due to personal issues, then the mother should be able to abort the pregnancy. …show more content…
In her article “I’m a Feminist and I’m Against Abortion” Erika Bachiochi, writer of CNN News, argues that abortion should be considered illegal due to many reasons. As Bachiochi puts it, “abortion betrays women by having us believe that we must become like men – that is, not pregnant – to achieve parity with them, professionally, socially, educationally” (paragraph 5). Bachiochi insists that abortion betrays women because not going through the process of pregnancy does not make a woman who she really is. Bachiochi further claims that a woman who seeks abortion when they find out that they are pregnant is like men because they do not want to go through the process of pregnancy. In sum then, Bachiochi’s view is that abortion should be considered …show more content…
Anyone familiar with teen pregnancy should agree that there is possibly that teens or women in general can get raped and they do not want that baby because they do not want to always remember that horrible memory of them getting raped. In fact, researchers show that 17.7 million American women have been victims of rape. That is one out of every five women according to the Rainn Rape, Abuse & Incest National Networks. Bachiochi is wrong that women have to keep their baby if they are pregnant because no one would want to relive the moment that they were being raped; keeping that child will constantly remind the women about the tragic that has happened to them in the past. Anyone familiar with this issue should agree that 17.7 million American women is a huge majority of women since that is 1/6 of the population in the United States. My own view is that 1/6 of the population is still a lot considering that no women should be raped in the first place. These conclusions add weight to the argument that abortion should not be considered

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