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  • Remembering Babylon By Joseph Conrad Analysis

    Remembering Babylon by David Malouf and Heart of darkness by Joseph Conrad are two works that use variations of chronological order to create a variety of effects. Although almost a hundred years separates the writing of these two works, there are some similarities in the issues they deal with, and the historical setting of both works is roughly the same time, the mid to the end of the nineteenth century. In Remembering Babylon, Malouf explores ideas about identity and the clash of cultures: on…

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  • The Mabo Decision

    Outline the importance of the Mabo Decision, Native Title Act and Wik Judgement for the Land Rights movement (5 marks)
The Land Rights movement aimed to lead Aboriginal people towards regaining access and ownership to their sacred sites and traditional lands that were lost by European settlement. This movement was instigated by Charles Perkins through his Freedom Ride in 1965 and Vincent Lingiari, the elder of the Gurindji people, who promoted the Wave Hill Strike in 1966. In 1992, Eddie Mabo,…

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  • Social Determinants Of Health

    health are ultimately the root causes of disease and health, which determine the cause of many risk factors for disease. Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders are significantly more disadvantaged when referring to the social determinants of health leading to higher occurrence of disease in their socioeconomic groups than those of non-Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders. The social determinants of health are comprised of many factors such as “safe pregnancy, early childhood experiences,…

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  • Aboriginal And Strait Islander People Case Study

    Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are today acknowledged as the owners and custodians of this land we call home, but unfortunately, they have experienced situations that have completely disregarded their basic human rights before they received their rightful title. This essay will look at the history/ background of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in regards to their rights within Australia, analyse certain ethical issues that have occurred when dealing with their rights,…

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  • Risk Factors For Coronary Heart Disease

    Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) is the obstruction of blood vessels that supply the heart muscle, due to the deposition of lipid material [1]. The risk factors affecting the prevalence of CHD within Australians today are presented in Figure 1. Figure 1: The risk factors affecting the prevalence of Coronary Heart Disease in Australia (extracted from [2] and [3]) Modifiable Risk Factors Non-Modifiable Risk Factors Diet, containing saturated fat and salt Increasing age Hyperlipidemia Gender…

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  • Woiworung People Essay

    foods, and the diseases that came from overseas when Australia was invaded (Best & Fredericks, 2014). However there is another significant reason Aboriginal health has declined since the British invasion this is the fact that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have been disconnected from their traditional country resulting in a loss of access to traditional food and medicines. They have also lost culturally significant sites, and they have lost their cultural identity (Campbell,…

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  • Nurse-Person-Centred Case Study

    Access to culturally safe and quality healthcare is a significant problem for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Therefore, by taking a person-centred approach will not only allow patients to be directly involved in their care, but also take into account their cultural and individual needs. In this essay I will discuss my personal experiences as well the past experiences of Mrs Akajen which may influence the establishment of a nurse-person therapeutic relationship (N-PTR). I will also…

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  • Aboriginal Family Structure

    Is defined as the land without owners. The British colonization had the belief that the Aboriginal landers could not trade for their lands with them or put a price for it. The Aboriginals thoughts were the first who settle on determined land owns it, and the land is sacred, is where their rituals and ceremonies took place, Land for Aboriginals means everything, their homes, their ancestors, their food, their heritage. Is the name used to refer to the Aboriginal and Torres islander people of…

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  • Kala Lagaw Ya Language Analysis

    There are two main traditional languages, which are Kala Lagaw Ya and Meriam Mir, in Torres Strait Islands. Kala Lagaw Ya spoken on the western and central Torres Strait had four dialects, but now, only two of those dialects remain which are Kala Lagaw Ya and Kala Kawaw Ya (Shnukal 1993, pp. 152, 154). People live in islands located to near Papua New Guinea, such as Boigu and Saibai, speak Kala Kawaw Ya while Kala Lagaw Ya is spoken on Babu and Mabuiag (Shnukal p. 154). Another traditional…

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  • Mabo Case Study

    representatives from the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community decided to litigate it in court until Mabo and others from Murray Island took initiative. Eddie Mabo 's campaign for civil rights succeeded through legislation such as the Mabo Decision, Native Title Act, and the Wik Decision. Their campaign was highly effective in the way of Aboriginal civil rights; the Mabo case and its subsequent outcomes became significant for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community. The…

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