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  • Role Of Faith Bandler Essay

    Faith Bandler played an important role in promoting the civil rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders people. The struggles and discrimination of the ATSI peoples was made evident to her during her childhood and she went on to co-found an organisation which supported their rights, making many public and private speeches. Bandler played a vital part in the 1967 referendum and has been acknowledged for her contribution with many awards. Bandler is in no doubt one of the most important…

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  • Indigenous Australian Criminal Justice System: A Case Study

    and cognitive disabilities, as significant catalysts for the imprisonment of Indigenous Australians. According to the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Survey, Indigenous adults have twice the rate of victimisation for violent crime than non-Indigenous adults (Australian Institute of Criminology, 2004). Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are also around 34 times more likely to be hospitalised for family violence related injuries (Steering Committee for the Review of…

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  • Hotel Bone Poem Analysis

    Q. 1 Write about 3 lines for each of the following about the significance for Indigenous Land Rights in Australia: (a) “Terra nullius” Terra Nullius means that land without. When Captain Cook and his crew was in Australia , they decided the land was Terra Nullius. They acknowledge Indigenous people because of their primitive life. The High Court's Mabo judgement overturned the Terra Nullius fiction in 1982. (b) Protective legislation Victoria enacted Aboriginal protection act. This act…

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  • Essay On Reconciliation In Australia

    reconciliation with indigenous people (Australian). In its final report, which was submitted to the Prime Minister and the Commonwealth Parliament, the CAR recommends Parliaments to change the Constitution to grant the rights for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and to make it unlawful to discriminate against people by race. In addition to that, it also encourages them to enact legislation to unite all Australians and resolve issues of…

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  • Health Care Gap Analysis

    and Medical Research Council 2011) The Close the Gap campaign is a strategy that was made by several organisations to achieve equality for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australian’s by closing the health and life expectation gap that exists between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and non- Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people (Australian Human Rights…

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  • Aboriginal Land Rights

    Aboriginal land rights is the return of the land which was unfairly taken from them on the original settlement of Australia.Eddie koiki Mabo fought against this and tried to save the meriam islands from the Queensland government who tried to deny them use of their own lands Mabo was strongly against this as his people had been there longer then anyone could remember. He claimed they had lived in permanent communities and had their own political and social organisations in their community. The…

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  • Eddie Mabo Land Rights

    to own their traditional land and/or waters. In 1993 Native Title became a part of Australian law because Eddie Mabo influenced the high court to understand and acknowledge the bond that some indigenous groups share with their land/waters. Torres strait islanders or aboriginals are now able to claim native title over land that isn’t residential freehold, farms held in freehold, residential or commercial purpose leases, public works such as hospitals, roads or schools this is because “Land…

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  • Eddie Mabo: Promoting Indigenous Land Rights

    indigenous land rights and to help make a change of the struggle for rights and freedom of the Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people. The Mabo case was a significant legal case held in Australia to the High court of Australia, that recognized land rights of the indigenous people. Eddie Koiki Mabo was born on the 29th of June 1936, on Murray island located in the Torres Strait. His mother had died giving birth and because of this, he was adopted by his uncle Benny Mabo and he changed his…

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  • Ngunnawal Tribe

    The Indigenous people whose traditional lands are the area of Canberra and the Australian Capital Territory are The Ngunnawal people (alternatively Ngunnawal tribe). First encountered by European settlers in the 1820s, the Ngunnawal people lived in an area roughly bounded by what are now the towns of Queanbeyan, Boorowa and Goulburn. The meaning of Ngunnawal is we, the people, or us and today’s spelling came from the settlers, the original spelling was Ngoonawal (rhyming with soon). The region…

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  • Cultural Groups: Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander People

    and Torres Strait Islander People. In Australia, there are two completely different cultural groups made up of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and there are also over 250 unique languages spread across the Indigenous land. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders have individual societies and cultures but their experiences with oppression, dispossession and colonization in their home country shows quite a strong bond between the two cultures. The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders…

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