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  • Australian Identity

    heritage and conservation policies reflect this? The ‘Australian Heritage Commission ACT’ was established in 1975 to protect sites that are believed to hold national and cultural value, however it wasn’t until 1984 that the ‘Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Heritage Protection Act’ legislation was passed by parliament. This Act allows the Commonwealth of Australia to intervene when necessary to preserve and protect sites that are of historic significance to Indigenous or…

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  • Indigenous Language Teaching

    reflects on the understandings in Indigenous Education that have been gained from unit topics. The report acknowledges that Standard Australian English is a second language for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, that attitudes need to change both of teachers and of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and parents, and the need for schools to adopt a culturally supportive framework. In addition best practice examples are discussed from the Strong and Smart documentary and…

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  • Social Determinants Of Health Analysis

    Introduction Australia is one of the countries in the world that is made up of different cultural groups with different cultural health determinants. Generally, the health of an individual begins from their homes, schools, neighborhoods, and workplaces with some similarities being evident while differences crop up at some point (Nagata,et al., 2013). The social determinants of health refers to those conditions in the environment that surrounds a given group of people that in a way affects the…

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  • The Wombat In The Room Analysis

    Hampton, R., & Toombs, M. (2013). Indigenous Australians and Health: The Wombat in the Room. South Melbourne, VIC, Australia: Oxford University Press. The wombat in the room distinguishes numerous notions of Indigenous wellbeing and culture. They also examine the significance of social comprehension and how it effects on the procurement of human services for Indigenous Australians. While it also develops the significance 's of family relationships, customs and how these impact on their health.…

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  • The Past And Present: Aboriginal Identity

    The title for my exhibition is The Past and Present: Aboriginal Identity. My curatorial theme will explore the lives of the Aboriginal people from the past and present. Many of the artists chosen for the exhibition bring to light, and focus on the Stolen Generation in their works. This will be the past part of the exhibition. The present part of the exhibition will focus on how the Aborigines have dealt with those effects of the Stolen Generations while working to fit in with white communities…

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  • Bangarra Dance Analysis

    Bangarra Dance Theatre’s phenomenon entitled Mathinna entails the awe-spiring, yet historically enlightening journey of an Aboriginal girl who was taken from her home and forced to conform to the westernised norms of the 1800’s. In an era plagued by racism and prejudice, Mathinna emanates the themes of colonialism, and cultural intolerance. Following the viewing of this scintillating production, it is undeniably clear that the architect of Mathinna, Stephen Page, has deliberately intended to…

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  • Australian Flag Should Be Changed Essay

    The Australian flag debate is an interrupted enquiry over whether the Australian flag should be changed, particularly to eliminate the Union Jack from the canton, but to perhaps introduce a completely new design without the Southern Cross. John Blaxland who approves a proposal for a new mature Australian flag, agrees that the flag should be changed. Although there is a lot of controversy around this argument. For example Allan Pidgeon argues that Australia should change its flag. However some…

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  • Interracial Family: A Case Study

    1. Individual Component: Profile Patricia June O’Shane was born in 1941 into an interracial family (a rarity for that period), at a time when it was common practice for the removal of children from their families where it was deemed children were being neglected (McIntyre & McKeich, 2009). The removals often triggered children to feel disconnected with their culture/traditional ways and their family’s history (Cowlishaw, 2004). Both of Patricia’s grandparents had been removed from their families…

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  • The Importance Of Indigenous Education In Australia

    documents that outline areas where Indigenous students are falling behind, ways in which the Government aims to increase Indigenous students’ academic achievement. The National Curriculum includes cross-curriculum priorities known as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders Histories and Cultures, which enables Indigenous students to see themselves, their identities and their cultures building their self-esteem and participate in their learning (ACARA, 2016). Narrowing the gap for Indigenous…

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  • Writing And Representing: Improving Communication Strategies In Teaching English

    Writing and Representing Communication strategies have changed greatly over the last few decades. The advancement in technology has affected the communication. The language of words is gradually shifting to other forms of language. Such languages are used such as use of gestures, picture sound and movement. All this languages can be used to bring a blended form of language. This paper focuses on improving the learning of English in schools to produce better results. The paper explores the forms…

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