Bering Strait

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  • Bs Bison Essay

    Bos bison, or the American bison, is the largest land mammal native to North America. It is placed in the same genus, Bos, as the domestic cattle. However, some taxonomists categorize it in the genus Bison, arguing that there is a substantial number of differences to separate it from domestic cattle. The American bison can be separated into two subspecies: B. Bison bison and B. Bison athabascae. B. Bison bison, or the plains bison, is more common in western United States. The plains bison also…

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  • Essay On Permafrost

    Permafrost Remember Mood Rings? They were rings that change colors depending on your emotions. At least that’s what they wanted us to think. Mood Rings are really thermochroic liquid crystals that color changes based on the temperature of the finger. Something that seems so permanent like the color of a crystal is subject to change just by the mere change of the temperature of its environment. Some environments are also rigid and structured just like the crystals in Mood Rings, but yet, are also…

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  • The DREAM Act: Illegal Immigrants

    Crossing the Bering Straits, arriving from Europe and Asia or processing through Ellis Island, the land that is now the United States was founded by people seeking a better life. Our country is referred to as a mixing pot of people, where the eclectic blend of people has made the fabric that built our great nation. As far back as the 1800’s, the US has had laws detailing the legal requirements for the immigration of non-American individuals. Any person, regardless of nation of origin, not…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Are Animals Equal?

    Animals are not equal. People claim animals have the right to live but they would probably kill a spider if see one. The moral status animals is complex since not all animals are treated equal. In this essay, I would argue that non-human animals are used for human benefits. Animals are necessary for medical advancement. With animal research, it saved and improved countless number of lives. It can also has the potential to save more lives as researchers find cures or preventions for major…

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  • Native American Migration

    event created a stretch of land that the large mammals of the Ice Age era, along with the natives of that era, could very well have migrated across the newly formed land bridge, which now connected two continents. This land bridge is known as the Bering Strait, or Beringia. During the time that Beringia existed, the Wisconsin glaciers most likely prohibited migration to any southern or eastern regions. Another theory suggests that the early natives may have inhabited the now Alaskan region…

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  • Battle Of Midway Analysis

    The Island of Midway is located in Pacific Ocean, approximately 1,300 miles from Honolulu, Hawaii. Strategically, the island became a valuable asset to obtain during the Pacific War because of its location, as a half way point from Hawaii to Japan. Increased tensions between Japan and the United States came to a climax December 7, 1941; the day Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. Six months later, the United States engaged the Japanese Imperial fleet in the Battle of Midway. The analysis of the events…

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  • Mountain West History

    around forever, but it hasn't been explored since recently. The 1600’s was the first time anyone besides Native Americans explored the area. The first people to ever reach and live in the Mountain West were nomadic people who had crossed of the Bering Strait Land Bridge some time ago, most likely…

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  • Who Colonized America Research Paper

    American tribes resided. These were the first people to discover the resources North American had to offer and the first to make a home on the land we live on today. The first people to live in North America came from Asia migrating over the Bering Strait land bridge. Although the time they arrived is not known for sure, the estimated time is between 12000 and 7000 B.C.E. All hunter-gathers, the North American Indians made their home quick with the abundant resources of the Americas. They…

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  • Environmental Influence Of Dogs On The Environment

    Introduction Dogs have become man 's best friend and a great companion long time ago. Dog (Canis familiaris) has accompanied Human beings all over the world since its domestication 15,000 years ago, today it is the most generous and loving caring animal on earth with a great impact on the environment. They have been helping us with animals herd on a farm, and some of them serve as watchdogs, playful family pets. Dogs have been trained as guard dogs in peacetime by the U.S. Army and other…

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  • Iberian Colonisation Of The Americas Essay

    From 1492 when Columbus first “discovered” the Americas, Iberian colonisation of the native Amerindian peoples had begun. Already inhabited by the native peoples, the Spanish and Portuguese begun the task of conquering through killing, enslaving and bringing the natives under their rule and power. This large and expansive conquest of Central and South America killed conceivably as much as 90% of the natives in little under 200 years, due to the introduction of old world disease and the power of…

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