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  • Native American Culture Report

    I have read, researched, and interviewed several people to find the facts about the culture that my diversity report is about. I have struggled over the right words to say and how to start out my report, then I realized the words are here in my heart. Have you ever wondered about the shade of your skin, the place you grew up, or the accent in your words? What about the makeup of your family, the gender you were born with, the intimate relationships you chose to have or the generation you are…

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  • Essay On Pottery In America

    A History of Pottery In America Pottery has been a part of the American heritage, but when did pottery become so prevalent in America? The early Americans came to this land with only what they could carry, having to at times remake their cooking pots and bowls, clay was a readily available substance they found. Over the years, the earliest Americans added decorations to their pottery, adding beauty to the everyday objects. The Colonial Americans used pottery because most were too poor to have…

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  • The Stereotypes Of Native American Culture In Smoke Signals

    Before the Europeans, ancient hunters crossed the Bering strait to become the first inhabitants of what is now the United States. As Europeans explored, they found savage people inhabiting the land that they recently claimed. Countless times in the United States history, native people have been booted from their land and forced to move, pushed into boarding schools, and murdered all because they disgusted Europeans. In the time since the Europeans migrated to North America, the natives have only…

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  • British Army Uniforms

    Former Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin once said “History shows that there are no invincible armies.” In the 18th century, however, the British rule that spanned nearly a quarter of the Earth’s land, and that was comprised of the largest navy and strongest army at the time would have begged to differ. At the time, it seemed that the British army was destined to control the entire planet. About 5,600 kilometers away, a little colony of The British Empire had enough. Outrageous taxes without any say…

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  • George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four: Novel Analysis

    which comprises the Americas, the Atlantic Islands including the British Isles, Australasia and the southern portion of Africa; Eurasia, which comprises the whole of the northern part of the European and Asiatic land-mass, from Portugal to the Bering Strait; and Eastasia, which is smaller than the others and with a less definite…

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  • Migration In Africa

    survived by adapting to global climate changes during migration process, thereby producing offspring and strengthening their kind in the evolutionary process. It was fifteen thousand years ago, an immense migration of people made its way across the Bering Strait, and not until 10,000 B.C. that the first humans reached the arid North American continent otherwise known as Aridoamerica. The first settlers were nomadic, learning to survive by hunting large terrestrial mammals as well…

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  • Pueblo Bonito

    Introduction: Chaco Canyon is home a diverse collection of the most fascinating archeological sites from ancient North America, and among these sites is the well-known Pueblo Bonito. This great house is undoubtedly the most famous of all Chaco Canyon great houses, with well over 350 ground rooms, 32 kivas, and thousands of significant artefacts relating to Anasazi culture. The buildings of Pueblo Bonito were occupied over a variety of years, spanning from ca. 850 until the early portion of the…

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  • Polytheism In America

    nation-state - Nation-states play a large role in American history, and are vital to the existence of the United States. A nation-state is the joining of one or many nationalities to create a formal political union, just like the (now) fifty United States of America. If the colonies were not able to unite as one in the beginning, the United States might not exist today, but instead be a continent full of many small countries like Europe. The melting-pot culture that the United States is known…

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  • Hound Case Study

    Contents [hide] * 1 Etymology and related terminology * 2 Taxonomy * 3 History and evolution * 3.1 DNA studies * 4 Roles with humans * 4.1 Early roles * 4.2 As pets * 4.3 Work * 4.4 Sports and shows * 4.5 As a food source * 4.6 Health risks to humans * 4.7 Health benefits for humans * 4.8 Shelters * 5 Biology * 5.1 Senses * 5.1.1 Vision * 5.1.2 Hearing…

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  • Analysis Of Goldsteinism In 1984

    He turned a little sideways in his chair to drink his mug of coffee. At the table on his left the man with the strident voice was still talking remorselessly away. A young woman who was perhaps his secretary, and who was sitting with her back to Winston, was listening to him and seemed to be eagerly agreeing with everything that he said. From time to time Winston caught some such remark as 'I think you're so right, I do so agree with you', uttered in a youthful and rather silly feminine voice.…

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