Indigenous Student Case Study

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Despite government funding, there is still a gap for indigenous students. The closing of this gap can be achieved when schools and teachers address the issue by acknowledging the impact the past has had on the present, for Indigenous students. I believe, to address the issue we have to stop the cycle of hate and shame between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous people. The past needs to be acknowledged and taught, however focusing on it can be detrimental to moving into the future. Knowledge of the history is important to both Indigenous and non-Indigenous students. But when negativity is the only focus this can breed further hate for the Indigenous students, and a feeling a shame for non-Indigenous students. This negativity only segregates
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To be able to engage Indigenous students you need to create a professional relationship of mutual respect. A teacher who recognises Indigenous culture, such as a welcome to country, shows the Indigenous students that you respect them. Teenage students are learning their identity during their High school years. This can be even more stressful for Indigenous students as they may have conflicting feelings about their identity as an Indigenous person. Teachers who can respect that and acknowledge Indigenous culture in a positive light can influence the Identity of the students …show more content…
My family immigrated to Australia fifty years ago. As a Caucasian Australian I have grown up with very little knowledge of Indigenous culture. I have grown up influenced by Dutch traditions and loved being able to celebrate my culture. This influenced my outlook on race positively, as I believe we should all be able to celebrate and share our culture. Australia is a multicultural society, yet we don 't have a living culture. I have learnt about the sad history of settlement and Indigenous people. I don 't feel I was a part of it as my family were only immigrants, however, all cultures should be able to celebrate their culture. I would be more than happy to be a part of creating a better future for Indigenous

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