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  • The Importance Of Intersex Bathrooms

    Despite what many believe transgenders are not asking to access the bathroom they identify with to sexual assault men or women, in fact more crime is committed against transgenders and gender nonconforming than cisgenders, with over seventy percent of reported in 2012 hate crime being against trans* people alone. In fact, intersex bathrooms would not only be beneficial to trans* and gender nonconforming, but to people with children, as caretakers of the opposite sex would be able to accompany…

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  • Narrative Essay On The Camping Cat

    The Camping Cat I woke up bright and early I couldn’t wait to go camping in Ventura. Me and my brothers (Samuel and Misa) packed our clothes and put on our shoes. We took our clothes and put it in the Blue Trail Blazer. My brothers sat in the back and I sat up front. As usual my mom called my aunt Rhonda and told her we are on our way. We stopped at Kum & Go we got drinks and some breakfast pizza. It was a long drive especially since my brothers were fighting, I tried sleeping it didn’t help so…

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  • My Reading Room Paragraph

    Short Paragraph on My Reading Room Answer: I do not have separate room for reading. My bedroom is my reading room too. My reading room is small but well ventilated. My reading room has two doors and two windows. One is on the north and the other is on the west. So, light and air can get easily into it. There are two chairs, a desk and an alna in my reading room. The alna stands on the left side at my desk. My books and useful things are neatly arranged into the desk. There is a beautiful…

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  • Descriptive Essay About A House

    Small downstairs bathroom equipped with coat hooks for coming in through the back door on a rainy day. 7. Office. The first room I thought of. I’ve given myself a small office, largely designed for daydreaming and counter productivity - it’s centered around a nap-sized window seat, the bottom of which will be filled with blankets and books. 8. Living room. A small living room, to be centered around the fireplace (which will be the kind that works with both gas and natural logs, depending on…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Career As A 3D Engineer

    At that time we photographed everything in the kitchen and dining room that was to be converted. Next, we took precise measurements of all the key components in the kitchen. After dimensioning we drew up a bird’s eye view sketch of our two designs while we had the benefit of visually seeing what we were working with.…

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  • Diagnostic Vocational Evaluation

    Diagnostic Vocational Evaluation (DVE) Supervisor. Mr. Case 's office is shared with an associate and also doubles as a conference room. The building is very old as is the office furnityre. The office space has two desk, a small conference table with six chairs,and it is reminisence more suitable for a nusery or a kindergarten school setting and than a conference room or office to be used for client conferences. The space is small and tight and the temperature is always much to warm,…

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  • Convention Center Weaknesses

    building and letting me know the purpose of each room. I was then showed where to park and the correct way to clock in everyday for my shift. Shortly afterwards I was introduced to some of the management that worked at the convention center, as well as fellow employees.…

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  • Kitchen Cabinet Design Case Study

    3. Kitchen Cabinet Design I use the space between the top of the cabinets and the ceiling, as fluorescent light "boxes". The fluorescent tubes are hidden behind the translucent, perspex panels (see pictures). This kills several birds with one stone. The height of the cabinets is aesthetically optimised, maintaining the correct proportion relative to the ceiling height. Most importantly, no more exposed dust-collecting cabinet tops! Last but not least, the space is well utilised for lighting.…

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  • Hospital Descriptive Writing

    It 's June 22nd, just after ten thirty at night. I sit at the dining room table waiting for a phone call. Six hours ago, my daddy went to the hospital to have a few tests done. My mama went with him, and they have yet to return. Outside, the frogs strike up an unnerving tune. Earlier, a strong thunderstorm rolled through, drenching everything and lighting up the sky in flashes. As the frogs reach a crescendo in their song, a pair of headlights enters the driveway, catching the drops of moisture…

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  • My Experience In A Nursing Home

    not give a specific time or day so that I could ensure as natural setting as possible with no special accommodations from the home. I was allowed to make my observations in various parts of the building such as the lobby, lunchroom, and activities room. This paper will describe my experience and how I viewed the care, interaction, and quality of…

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