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  • Case Study Of Commercial Burglary

    Commercial Burglary that occurred between 1500 hrs on 12/15/2016 and 1200 hrs on 12/19/16 at Lake Bon Bon (6190 62nd Ave N, Ofc, Pinellas Park FL, 33781). The victim’s, cleaning supplies, 20 keys from inside the security box, 2 boxes containing plumbing pipes, Ryobi Pressure Washer, $200 dollars worth of hamburgers, 1 check written to the business of Bon Bon’s mobile home Park, and 2 pool sticks. Force entry into multiple rooms, suspects broke into the pantry room door, splitting the door frame…

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  • Electric Job Experience

    This previous summer, an opportunity to work for my father’s electric company arose. The job entailed driving a thirteen-foot tall box truck with a coworker to Umpqua banks in Oregon and Washington that had relocated or closed down and “decommissioning” them by removing all technology equipment. That includes: computers, cash counters, printers, telephones, and anything that uses electricity. We would take every piece of technology and catalog them into an excel sheet with their serial and model…

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  • Imagery And Symbolism In The Lottery, By Shirley Jackson

    illusion. Superstitious tradition symbolized an important role to the people in this village. Mr. Summers a man that was in charge of the majority of the events in the town, always spoke about making a new black box but never did. (134) The people of the village would rather keep the same box rather than upsetting tradition with something new. As the people in the village were waiting for The Lottery to start they started talking how the people in the North village were talking about giving up…

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  • Coffins Persuasive Speech

    I have this awful fear of being burried alive. Coffins to me could be a symbol of beiing burried alive. I don't see them as for the already dead. I have a hard time discribing the fear of being alive when someone puts you in the ground. When I see myself in that situation I see a coffin, you can scream but noone can hear you. The air start to disipate and you slowly start to sufficate and get cabonminoxide poisoning. Not a good way to die. The coffin is always there so I desided for this…

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  • My Brother: A Narrative Fiction

    pocket knife to make me feel better. As I opened the first box I realized that it was full of clothes. Mark found books in his box, another box was full of trophies from soccer and basketball. All these boxes were full of someone’s personal things, we decided that it all belonged to the family that was living there before us and they probably just forgot to take this stuff. I opened up the last box and inside it was this other box. The box was small and it had blue lights coming from…

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  • Reflective Essay: Keep Midland Beautiful

    would take about 20 minutes to pick up, and then we could leave. So, my first impression of this was that it wouldn’t take the two hours assigned and we could leave in no time. I was wrong. I had filled up two trash bags within the first hour! And at the end, there was at least 50 trash bags that everyone else gathered up. That’s not even counting the pieces of Styrofoam or even the tires that were found. It was very surprising because I didn’t know one little area could get so dirty. But after…

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  • Personal Narrative: Sleepwalking

    I had recently woken up and was still in bed. I reached over to grab my pack of Juicy Fruit and pop two pieces in my mouth. I checked my clock and it was 6:00 AM. I noticed my covers were alongside my bed. That's weird, I mean for normal people but I have a tendency for sleepwalking so I guess it’s pretty normal. “Shoot! Dammit!” I whispered as I remembered my science project was due 1st period. “Oh no no no, C’mon!” I followed up with after I opened my computer and it started to buzz and whir…

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  • Personal Narrative: Why Teenagers Are Coming Home

    the recruitment base. For some it may have been a long journey, but for me, it was almost in my backyard. All the kids carrying huge bags that were probably received from their high school as a graduation gift. In other countries graduates receive books or special pens. In Israel it’s a special bag for the army with the words “With Love” and the cities name. These bags are packed for two weeks as they were told to do, not really knowing whether they would be coming home this coming weekend or in…

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  • Narrative Essay On Brown Paper Bag

    Brown Paper Bag For the last six years, I have been preparing my daughter’s school lunch in a brown paper bag at home; and recently, she has been persistently demanding to buy a different lunch bag with fancy colors, creative designs, and innovative features. “Mom, why can’t I just get one of those colorful lunch bags like everybody else in my school?” My daughter determinedly argued. “Because this brown bag is very special.” I determinedly answered her back. Deep down my head, I was…

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  • Plastic Bags: A Personal Policy Analysis

    Plastic bags provide many practical benefits for customers for carrying and transporting products such as lightweight, inexpensive and hygiene. However, they are also the double-edged swords as they pose a threat to the environment including water contamination and air pollution. This essay will analyze the issue of excessive consumption of plastic bags in terms of my daily life, provide explanations for the impact of this issue and offer my personal policy that I plan to follow during the…

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