Bacon's Rebellion

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  • Sheng Xuanhuai's Contribution To Modernizing China

    procession. In the letter, Sheng was portrayed as a highly accomplished businessman that made an unmatched contribution to modernizing China’s industry, commerce, and education. His role in helping Shanghai avoiding the catastrophe of the Boxer Rebellion (1899-1901) found particular mention in the letter. To highlight Sheng’s…

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  • The Whiskey Rebellion

    The great nation of the United States of America has been shaped by rebellions and revolutions since it was first colonized in the late 17th century. It is the brave men and women who speak up for liberty that keep the American spirit and constitutional freedom alive. Although it was rebellion and a revolution that broke America free from its mother country, they are the principles she was founded upon that spark rebellion and revolution against herself. One such principle is that the…

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  • Gender Roles In The Qing Dynasty

    Gender Prior to the establishment of the Republic of China, women had a significantly different role in society. During the Qing dynasty, there was a tremendous emphasize on society for individuals, both male and females to get married and produce sons. Women’s essential role in society was “childbearing and childrearing” and depending on their efforts, by raising a successful official can gain them merits and recognition. According to Paul Bailey, there are arguments that claim that…

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  • Adam Onis Treaty Essay

    1. Adams-Oñis Treaty: In 1812 nationalist president and former State Secretary James Monroe became America’s new president. With what he felt was a well established team consisting of Adams, Calhoun, and Crawford Pres. Monroe wanted to improve America as a continent implementing them in national affairs. One of his biggest unsettled issues was the undecided border in the South. Spanish Florida in particular had no established border. Spanish Florida actually posed a threat to American because…

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  • What Is The Cause Of Washington's Whiskey Rebellion?

    Whiskey Rebellion was an uprising of southwestern Pennsylvania distillers who were incensed by Hamilton’s excise of the exportation of whiskey two years earlier. Duties levied on alcohol considerably strained the commerce of backwoods communities where it represented the region’s major trade good, causing an outbreak of tarring-and-feathering revenue officers who attempted to collect the tax. Much like Shays’ Rebellion, Washington reacted with excessive force in response to a tiny rebellion of…

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  • Slavery In Lauren Destefano's 'Wither'

    Have you ever imagined of a life where your every move is controlled and there are no choices? In a futuristic world, people are forced to live in a mansion and treated as slaves. In Wither, by Lauren Destefano, a virus is spreading to young men who are turning 25 and women who are turning 20. Rhine is a teenage girl who is kidnapped by a scientist named Vaughn, and she’s given to his son as a wife. His son, Linden, has three wives already. Rhine is forced to marry Linden and is trapped within…

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  • Analysis Of The Boxer Rebellion, By Gene Luen Yang

    The Boxer Rebellion began in 1898 in the Qing Dynasty of China. During this rebellion there was an ongoing question of which side was fighting for the more “just” outcome because each had a very different opinion of what justice was. The Boxers were fighting against the British invaders and trying to unify China by ridding it of Christian influence. The foreigners were trying to make money by selling opium to the Chinese. Each side thought the other side is evil but they did not try to…

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  • Causes Of The Whiskey Rebellion

    An event in which occurred in early American history is the Whiskey Rebellion. This event took place in Western Pennsylvania and started in 1791. Alexander Hamilton, who was George Washington’s Secretary of the Treasury, had an idea to impose or to put taxes on all whiskey products produced and sold in the U.S.A. Congress in 1791 established excise tax. This way, the U.S can pay of the enormous debt they are facing because of the Revolutionary War that occurred prior to this event. With nearly…

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  • China In The 19th Century

    In these few decades, China’s economic has growth efficiently and the country is developing rapidly. However, in the 19th century and early 20th century , many Chinese were living under privation whether in cities or rural areas. As a result, many Chinese had the “American dream”: immigrating to the United States to get away from hardship and anticipate for life improvement. Indeed, their main goal was to “gold digging” meaning to earn money for better survival and able to contribute even a…

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  • Imperialism In China

    Chinese wanted peace and for poverty to become abolished, so the people started the Taiping Rebellion, which was led by Hong Xiuquan. Hong Xiuquan and his army successfully rebelled against the Qing Dynasty. The Qing Imperial troops and British and French forces attacked the Taiping. After this the Taiping government was brought down by these attacks and many people died in the rebellion. The many rebellions and external pressure to modernize and interact from foreign powers in China led to the…

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