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  • Pros And Cons Of Drone Warfare

    The pros and cons of drone warfare. Introduction Drones are all the more formally known as aerial vehicles. Unmanned aerial vehicles well-known as drones. Basically, a drone is a flying robot. The flying apparatus can be remotely controlled or can fly independently through programming controlled flight arranges in their installed embedded systems working through a GPS. Years before drones were used in combat; drones have proven to increase surveillance, reconnaissance, and general military…

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  • What Are The Advantages Of Alone Together Why We Expect More From Technology

    Liana Arkay 9/29/17 Sherry Turkle Analytical paper #1 As we move into a dangerous new age where intelligent machines exist alongside humans what does this mean for us and where could it lead? From the moment we are born to the time we die, we are surrounded by machines. Technology is always advancing in strides and leaps and now we are running towards the finish line, artificial intelligence. Now there are a number of different viewpoints on humanities latest goal. One of the most…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Hoverboards

    The hoverboard is a fairly new invention and has been known by many names, such as the hoverboard, sagway, and self-balancing board. Hoverboard looks very similar to a typical skateboard, in the respect that it operates on two wheels (See Figure 1). However, unlike a typical skateboard, hoverboards operate electronically instead of manually. Since the appearance of hoverboards in the feature film Back to The Future, hoverboards have been a futuristic fantasy for millions across the world. Once…

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  • Analysis: The Valkyrie Robot

    N.A.S.A has created a new robot called the Valkyrie that can save you from disaster, and even complete missions. The Valkyrie is of much use, and it is mainly designed for the DARPA competition; DARPA stands for Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. As you can see here we are trying to create robots and machine to help us to function better and protect us, and the Valkyrie will be a good start to this era. In the next paragraphs we will see how the Valkyrie robot functions mechanically,…

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  • Analysis Of Why Robots Will-And-Must Take Our Jobs

    writers have presented various views on this issue representing both the support and opposition for technology’s control over humans. In his article “Why Robots Will-and-Must Take Our Jobs,” editor and writer Kevin Kelly strongly defends that humans have control over technology by describing how the primary job of humans is to create more jobs for robots. Journalist Clive Thompson agrees with Kelly in his article “Smarter than You Think: How Technology Is Changing Our Minds for the Better” that…

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  • The Master Mechanic Analysis

    Not only did the students have to make smart decisions when budgeting, but they had to work hard into getting a eight hundred dollar worth robot to beat a robot that was worth more than twelve times theirs was in a competition. The computer science teacher at Carl Hayden, Allan Cameron, was the teacher sponsoring Carl Hayden’s robotics program this year. At the after school meeting, Cameron was…

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  • Smarter Than You Think Summary

    Kelly and Thompson: How High-technology Products Affect Humans Robots and artificial intelligence are the most rapidly developing high-technology products in recent years. These techniques have been and continue to be applied to an expansive range of problems that arise in medical diagnosis, e-commerce, mathematics, etc. However, how technology promotes our cognitive abilities―making us smarter, more productive, and more creative than ever before? Clive Thompson, a Brooklyn-based technology…

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  • Rossum's Universal Robots Analysis

    Dominance Rossum’s Universal Robots (R.U.R) written by Karel Capek. Henry Domin is the director of the R.U.R where they create robots with the purpose of solely work. Uniquely, the robots do not have any feelings except pain. Subsequently, the reasoning they have pain is so they do not destroy or harm themselves. Helena the president’s daughter took a tour of the factory and could barley tell if the robots were human or not. Their futures are identical to humans, the only thing that does not…

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  • The Redbot: The Maker Of Morse

    “The best way to predict the future is to invent it”. This quote by Alan Kay, a computer scientist, inspired many people. One RedBot, Maker of Morse, is fulfilling this quote. Although there are already robots that can help people, the Maker of Morse can do more than that. It saves people's lives. It uses Morse code to help people in the military, and it's other special features help it to even save people was are starving to death. If there are men in a stuck in a cave, and they are starving,…

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  • Film Analysis: Ex Machina

    Last month, I saw the movie Ex Machina, which shows a robot manipulating easily a human. It brings reflexions about the actual AI technology in progress. I think scientists are too much in a hurry to test their "super-humans" projects. Artificial intelligence does not have a place in today’s society. Certainly not yet. First and foremost, AI technology goes against human values, such as truth, simplicity and respect of the human being. We shouldn't include AI machines in our society, because…

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