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  • LEGO Star Wars Utapau Troopers Analysis

    With the 2014 LEGO Star Wars Utapau Troopers set, you not only get a great way to amass an army of LEGO Clone Soldiers, but you can also add some villains to your collection. With this multi-piece set, LEGO creators can build the ferocious Octuptarra Tri-Droid. This droid features a head that swivels from side-to-side, articulated legs, and a working missile launcher. This LEGO Star Wars battle pack features two 212th Battalion Utabau Clone Troopers and two Airborne Utabau Clone Troopers. Every…

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  • Disadvantages Of Robotic Technology

    Broadly speaking, robots aid in industries to make jobs faster and easier. Nowadays, one can find robots working in factories to aid in the manufacturing process like in car plants or in warehouses like that of Amazon’s Kiva robots. The military also utilizes robots for surveillance and search and rescue. Additionally, there are several robots that have been deployed to outer space to observe and gather data before astronauts are sent. The International Space Station has a Robonaut, a robot that…

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  • Isaac Asimov And It Will Serve Us Right Analysis

    And It Will Serve Us Right, an article by Isaac Asimov is written to predict the future of modern day. And It Will Serve Us Right, persuades us that human beings will eventually create robots that will surpass mankind, but they will never have the same “connection”, or “emotion” as of its creator. Isaac Asimov is a science fiction writer that wrote the article And I Will Serve Us Right in 1964 to predict the technology of 2014. He first explains to us his father’s connection to him, and the…

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  • Robots: Brave New World Moves A Step Closer Summary

    text “Robots: Brave New World Moves a Step Closer” is published on BBC News, the 3rd of January 2013, by James Melik, a Business Dailey reporter for BBC World Service. In his article, he includes different aspects of how robots have and will affect our world. The beginning of the article includes a description of how robots began working in the industrial, and how the demand for robots have grown ever since. The text involves a discussion about the pros and cons for the future of the robots.…

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  • Fast-Food: Domination Of Automation

    Rise of the Robots in Fast-Food: the Domination of Automation Introduction Have you noticed that technology is taking over the world? Airports are using kiosks, factories are using machines, schools are relying on computers. Yet, is this change beneficial or detrimental for employees, especially in the fast-food industry? This question pertains to this industry in particular as there is a common belief that jobs in fast-food will dissipate as a result of the inevitable phenomenon of automation.…

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  • Men Are Different By Alan Bloch Analysis

    Author Alan Bloch, in his short story “Men Are Different,” projects a view of a dystopian world where humans are extinct. Initially it seems as if a robot just wants to understand more about humans. Though, a closer look reveals the consequences of acting without knowledge. Bloch’s purpose for writing this story is to raise awareness for mental illness, and show the effects we have on the mentally ill when we act without knowledge. Initially we don’t know if this is a girl not knowing about her…

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  • Citizenship In The Film 'I, Robot'

    rights. In the movie “I, Robot” Sonny would be a good an example of a candidate for full rights. I think that machines could be given rights based upon the countries citizenship path, passing exams, and awarded approval. The people who would decide upon this citizenship are judges from the civil and engineering fields; to ensure qualifications are met. In the movie “I, Robot”…

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  • Martin Ford's Rise Of The Robots

    “I suggest a new strategy, Artoo: let the Wookie win,” said C3PO the sassy droid from the Star Wars Saga. ( )Machines, robots, automation, sensors, computers, they are everywhere! The book Rise of the Robots, written by Martin Ford tackles the age-old question if the threat of a jobless future is on the horizon. An Oxford study concluded that nearly half of all occupations in the United States are “potentially automatable” perhaps within “a decade or two.” With today’s technology every job from…

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  • Benefits Of Building A Robotic Arm

    take a period of time because me % my partner will have to gather the right supplies & materials in order to build the robotic arm and to make it fully functional. A robotic arm is one of the most manufacturing robots of them all. A robotic arm is one of the most unique robots of all the robots themselves. If a robotic arm can be used for a car mechanic, it would make the job very easy for the common worker because now the only thing the worker has to worry about at that point is fixing the…

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  • Robotic Surgery Dichotomy

    capability of a device to perform activities, which would otherwise only be expected of human brain” (Keswani, 2013, p. 348). For example, robots in malls and hospitals, our smart phones and some programs, and big machines in huge industries that work without a human operator. According to Health Research Funding (2014), US had performed 400,000 different surgeries using robots and the rate of these surgeries is increasing every year by 25%. Additionally, transferring blood during normal…

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