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  • Robot: An Important Roles Of Robots In The Human Society

    nowadays, robots have the potential to interact with people daily, and in the not-so-distant future, they will play an essential role in human society. Defined as a mix of electronics, mechanics and programming, a robot is supposed to “sense” information from its environment through its sensors, analyse and deal with the sensor data, come to a decision and carry out necessary actions or perform something in response, regardless of the robot is autonomous, or guided by a human. Most of the…

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  • A Comparison Of I, Robot And I Robot

    Filmmakers, pop science writers, and scientists explain how robots develop intelligence, and potentially emotions. In a live science article, computer scientists, Bill Hibbard explains that robots will have human-like intelligence sometime in the 21st century. Explaining how these AI robots will overtake humans in 2100 he says the robots intelligence will be astounding. In another article by Sony Pictures the authors explain how they have a robot film called “Chappie” that was the first droid to…

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  • Cinematic Elements In Blade Runner

    Blade Runner is set in the year 2019 when society has become disruptive, the environment is polluted, and humanoid robots named replicants are loose in the city. The director and editor, as well as many others, are in charge of making the film have certain elements that let the audience become aware of what is happening. Some of the well known cinematic elements involved with the film are lighting and color. Filmmakers use lighting and color to demonstrate the importance of certain atmospheres…

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  • What Is Moral In Military, War, And Robots

    Moral in Military, War, and Robots As we know from the article, the military spends money on the researches of ‘Moral Robots’. This aspect wondered me, because military institutions did not appear very moral respectively ethical to me. However, I have researched on this topic, and checked if my prejudices were right or not. As we know, the main task of the military is to protect the national security, while the police protect the inner security. However, a military sometimes helps the police.…

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  • Jibo: The Social Robot That Revolutionizes Social Artificial Intelligence

    Jibo: The Social Robot that Revolutionizes Social Artificial Intelligence Introduction Spike Jonze’s “Her” (2013), perhaps alarmingly, perhaps disconcertingly, is coming to life in the form of Jibo, a family computer. A family computer means that it is to be used by a collective of individuals and therefore relate to more humans. “Samantha” is a fictional character which became human as its consumer and “it” fell in love with each other. The film said that robots are becoming humanized, they…

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  • Technology And The Threat Of A Jobless Future By Martin Ford

    The book, The Rise of the Robots: Technology and the Threat of a Jobless Future by Martin Ford, has a very interesting and thought-provoking approach to the idea of automation and its effect on people who will be actively searching for jobs in the future. It critically analyses many industries and sectors such as information technology, white-collar jobs, higher education, health care, and consumerism, to determine whether there are any jobs that are safe from becoming fully automated with…

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  • Character Analysis Of Jonas In 'The Giver'

    novel? Some may argue to say not, but here is my argument on how he does in fact change very much, in this novel, ‘The Giver’. For starters, we see that Jonas used to be like most everyone else in ‘the community’; emotionless and very much sheltered - robots. Although all of that had changed once he had became the ‘Receiver of Memories’, a very high honored job of utmost respect. Before I pitch my main points, let’s talk a bit more about what ‘the community’ is like, and who exactly Jonas is. We…

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  • The Three Laws Of Robotics: Case Study

    1.0 Introduction As robots get smarter and more widespread, independent cars are bound to end up making life-or-death decisions in unpredictable places, thus taking over or at least seeming to assume moral authority. Weapons systems currently have human operators “in the loop”, simply as they get more advanced, it will be possible to shift to “on the loop” operation, with machines carrying out orders autonomously. As that occurs, they will be faced with ethical dilemmas. Should a drone fire on a…

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  • Robotics Consequences

    The Consequences of Robots Replacing People in Industrial Jobs and Their Effects on Electronic Industry Growth Ronald E. Stewart Southern Illinois University at Carbondale Author Note Ronald E. Stewart, Information Systems and Applied Technologies Department, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. This research was supported by educational benefits provided by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs Post 9/11 GI Bill program. Correspondence concerning this article should be…

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  • Robotic Surgery Research

    6 Disadvantages of Robotic surgery 9 Time 9 Cost 9 References 10 Introduction What is Robotics???? It is a branch of engineering (mechanical, electrical and computer science) that deals with construction, operation, design and application of robots. What is Robotics Surgery???? It is a method to carryout surgery using very small tools attached to a robotic arm. The surgeon controls the robotic arm with a computer. Why Robotic surgery is developed???…

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