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  • Should The Government Avoid Robots Ethical?

    hack autonomous military robots? In 2013, computer scientists, with permission, hacked into a JEEP with the ability to change the speed, disable the breaks, and track the car’s location. If hackers had the ability to take over our weapons with this type of technology, the whole idea would completely backfire. The technology necessary to do this is also completely wireless, and the JEEP was hacked at a distance of ten miles…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Technology Driven World

    A great example of this is the defense industry. Militaries around the world have already adopted new technologies like unmanned drones and advanced facial scanning. And the next step is the artificial intelligence era of weapons called lethal autonomous weapons systems or LAWS. Around the world, countries including South Korea, the United Kingdom, and the United States have begun implementing these technologies, for example, automated gun turrets and drones that have the ability to kill…

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  • NASA Centennial Challenge Case Study

    After two long, brain draining days filled with countless adjustments to the robot and the program controlling the robot; Team Mountaineers brought back the Win, $750,000, and bragging rights, to Morgantown WV, the home of West Virginia University. On September 5th ten students from West Virginia University 's Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources won the top prize of the NASA Centennial Challenge at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, Massachusetts. WVU’s NASA…

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  • The Effectiveness Of Robots

    information to build basic robots, creating a drastic increase in ideas and concepts in robot design. Humans have always placed high expectations upon robots, as world conquering wonder machines which are able to make our lives easier, solve all our problems for us and allow us to become increasingly lazy. However, is the amount of technology we have available enough to create a completely autonomous robot which can critically think and make decisions? And if not, are the robots we can…

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  • Military Robots

    The use of robots, programmed machines capable of automatically carrying out a specific series of tasks, was once only a foreseeable reality if you were a strong believer in science fiction novels. Now, the implementation of robots to complete tasks that were once only done by humans is now a reality. Presently, robots serve in many different aspects of society and their influence is predicted to increase indefinitely. Regardless of one’s viewpoint about the use of robots and what a robots’ role…

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  • Control Of Robotics Essay

    Pradeep Acharya 30310841 Control of robotics Robot control mentions to the way in which the identifying and action of a robot are synchronized. There are extremely many possible robot programs, but they all fall along a well-defined range of control. Along this range, there are four basic practical methods being used today:- 1) Deliberative control Deliberative control is a typical control policy. It grew out of AI research where it was conceived human brains used this method for decision…

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  • Rossum's Universal Robots?

    First we must look at what a robot is and from a definition given by a leading United States robotics research institute, where they defined a robot as a multifunctional, reprogrammable manipulator that has been made and is designed to actuate the movement of tools, materials, specialized devices and parts through variable motions that are programmed in order for the performance of different tasks as required by man (Robot Institute of America, 1979). The term robot was first used by Karel Capek…

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  • Superhuman AI Future

    And this is more due to the concern of practicality and scalability. If we make a million units of a particular kind of robot, the task of maintaining them and providing for their livelihood will become a tall order. Who should be responsible for all that? The manufacturers, the governments, or the owners? In each of these cases, the reliance is ultimately either on humans…

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  • Super-Human AI Research Paper

    thought of seeking the servitude of an AI system that can think in an open-ended manner even with a super-human capacity seems dystopian. However, I would like to dwell on my objection to the incoherency of this line of thought. We cannot get an autonomous system that is both with general super-human capabilities and under substantial control of humans, which is required to obtain its fully committed servitude. Any entity over which we have substantial control is by definition of sub-human…

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  • Happy Mini At Girls Art Project Analysis

    The goal of Happy Mini @ Girls Art Project is to create a home robot which will make family and society happy. We believe our resource and technology are not meant to build war or battle robots. Through robotics, we aim to promote a socie-tal change in which we take full advantage of engineering and science to help sustain household happiness allowing family members to share the enjoyment of life in a beloved community. As a home robot, Happy mini has unique features: its cute design (e.g.,…

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