Athenian democracy

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  • Classical Athens Vs Han China Essay

    or in political views. Classical Athens had a democracy, while Han China had an empire. In document 5, it explains that in the government, “ The first true democracy in history,” any Citizen could attend the Athenian Assembly. In Han China, although it was a bureaucracy, many believed that if the people were pleased by the way the upcoming leader handled things it was a sign from the heavens to let them be emperor. All in all, this let the…

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  • Democracy In The Republic By Plato, And Politics

    philosophical analysis of government and the state of humanity within from the perspectives of a teacher and his pupil, Plato and Aristotle respectively. Even though both of these men were Athenian citizens during the world’s first democracy, they both identified similar flaws in the state of Democracy. Democracy, in Greek society, was when natural-born male citizens made decisions in government, all with equal say, because they all fought together. However, though it seemed like a fair form…

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  • Athens Vs Sparta Dbq Analysis

    worthless. As Pericles stated in his Funeral Oration,“For we alone regard the man who does not take part in public affairs, not as one who minds his own business, but as good for nothing” (Doc 3). The value Athenians placed on public service was the backbone of their direct democracy. For example, Athenian men voted for public leaders were expected to be formally educated so they could make wise decisions.. Without the active participation of the populace, the…

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  • Oligarchy Style Of Government Essay

    The form of government chosen by each city-state in Greece played a large role in the character and treatment of its citizens, as well as their treatment of other city-states. The oligarchy style of government used in Sparta and the democracy style of government used in Athens both have strengths and weaknesses that helped form the culture of each of these two city-states. The Spartans chose an oligarchy style of government that was ruled by a small group of men called the Council of Elders.…

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  • Compare And Contrast Ancient Civilizations

    Ancient Greece was run by a democratic form of government. This political system brought unprecedented control to ordinary citizens. In fact, according to Plato in The Republic, ordinary people were the ones who created democracy, "When the poor win, the result is a democracy. They kill some of the opposite party, banish others, and grant the rest an equal share in civil rights and government, officials being usually appointed by lot." In Athens every free, male, adult, citizen had the right…

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  • Compare And Contrast The Governmental Structure Of Athens And Sparta

    decide on matters affecting Spartans. Instead, matters were decided by the Gerousia and the Ephors. Decisions made by these two small groups of men dictated how each person living under Spartan rule lived their lives. As such Athens became a direct democracy because its’ demos decided all matters while Sparta became a dictatorship government or oligarchy. GOVERNMENTAL STRUCTURES OF ATHENS AND SPARTA 6…

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  • Cleisthenes In The Athenian Revolution

    our world today. Cleisthenes came to power during the Athenian Revolution when in the first time in history the common people overthrew a government to form a new one and this event is seen as the birth of democracy. He helped the Athenians develop and form a system of government in which all had a say, not only the aristocratic few. The efforts of Cleisthenes enabled Themistocles, a non Aristocrat, to have a powerful say in the Athenian government. Themistocles was a cunning and…

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  • The Role Of Monarchy In Ancient Greece

    the people became fed up and overthrew the tyranny. This led most city-state’s governments to morph into an oligarchy or democracy (Wilson,…

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  • The Leadership And Differences Of Athens And Sparta

    Athens and Sparta, the two largest Greek cities that were constantly debating of their two different styles of government and leadership. The leader who developed Athens advanced democracy and more modern government was named Solon. His good leadership stemmed from the appreciation the Athenian people had for him for turning Athens into a more city with more equality and justice, “In 594 Solon was called upon to resolve problems of deep seated social unrest involving the aristocratic monopoly of…

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  • Benefits Of Freedom Of Speech

    gives the right of an open expression of ideas and opinions without being pursued by the government after that. It takes its origins form the Athens’ democratic ideology of the late 6th or early 5th century BC. The Athenian democracy was the first known democracy of the world. The democracy gives rights to take part in the countries` legal life and to express ones ideas openly. The idea of free speech is not only the sharp topic in the modern world, and the thing that people seek, but the…

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