Athenian democracy

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  • Advantages Of A Republican Form Of Democracy

    I believe that the republican form of democracy is a better form of government than the direct form of democracy. This is because the republican democracy is more efficient and precise. The job gets done rapidly and the people receive a more relaxing life and this will make the community more joyful overall. In a direct democracy, the people would be in voting booths all day just waiting and sitting voting on every issue. This would make the people more stressed. The people are not perfect and…

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  • Why Is Natural Law Important

    Student ID Number:91403392 'Explain how Natural Law is important for understanding rights' As a nation, we take the rights and freedoms we hold for granted. Daily, we make decisions without interference from the government or the monarchy. In contrast, our ancestors didn’t enjoy the freedoms and rights that we enjoy today and lived their lives under dictatorship and tyranny. However, through The Age Of Enlightenment, philosophers such as John Locke, began to question the suppressing treatment…

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  • The Importance Of Thomas Jefferson's Republican Party

    The philosophy of the Republican Party led by Jefferson placed great emphasis on the importance of individual rights and liberties. The central value of the party stressed on making the country sovereign and strongly rejected any form of governance that was seen to be associated with those of a monarchy or aristocracy. Jefferson’s party began as an opposition to the Federalist Party which was seen to share aristocratic attitudes because their policies gave the national government excess power…

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  • The Federalist Argument

    “Trump plans to enlist grassroots and Democrats to sell tax plan he will call biggest in history,” from USA Today connects with, “The Federalist,” the ideas of urban over rural, persuasion, updating ideas, and political disputes all work to tie these pieces of writing together. Many people have feared the urban and wealthy have taken advantage over the poor and rural populations. Americans leaders have tried to please both by coming up with alternative ideas to bring a sense of equality to all…

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  • Gerrymandering Game Analysis

    Prior to playing the gerrymandering game, I knew that it was the manipulation of districts in order to gain a political advantage of some kind. It is possible to do this because the districts have to be redrawn based on updated census data, as population is always changing. I also knew that it is difficult for the opposing party to win an election when the controlling party gerrymandered the district to favor them. While playing the game, I learned that it is difficult to adjust the districts…

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  • Federalist No. 51 Analysis

    A strong democracy is essential for a state’s freedoms, liberties, and its well being. In order to obtain these notions, a democracy must receive legitimacy from the people. Legitimacy is the concept in which the people believe and give their consent to the government for its right to rule. A democracy functions accordingly to people’s will, and legitimacy will only fortify a democracy as the people will be allowed to judge and express opinions to make final decisions regarding the status of…

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  • Anti Federalist Structure Of Government Essay

    The anti-Federalist’s structure of government is clearly the most reasonable option because a stronger government will make the government power hungry. Power needs to remain in the hands of state and local governments. Anti-Federalists were concerned about improving the constitution because America wasn’t following by it. Even with its revisions leaves out some very important rights/laws that could improve America today. The Constitution was missing the Bill of Rights which is the most…

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  • Essay About Being American

    Hassan El Asmar Prof: Polson English 475 09/14/16 What is being American? “Thank God for immigrants. They are the only ones who have any personality left. They still allow themselves emotions, judgments, and all those qualities that we are “evolving” past. I don’t know what they’re saying, but I can tell they’re speaking honestly.” (Collin Quinn). We would be a much better, stronger and united country, because honestly, America isn’t what it used to be. During the last four decades, the…

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  • What Is Hudson's Argument Against The Separation Of Power

    of the other two branches. Today, Separation of powers is known as the checks and balances necessary for the government while others seems to think that the separation of powers is a destruction to our American government. In the book "American Democracy in Peril" by William E. Hudson, the author makes a significant argument regarding chapter 1 separation of powers, he states that our American government is officially inefficient, unresponsive, unaccountable, indecisive, and hypocritical. He…

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  • Case Study: Congressman Vance Mcallister

    Congressman Vance McAllister should have not been kissing one of his staffers since he is a married man. The correct way to kiss another woman for McAllister should have been to divorce his wife first then move into the bachelor phase. I am sure his wife was disappointed in his actions, but her marriage contains lies because she unknowingly married a dishonest politician. McAllister took an oath to uphold and protect the United States Constitution when he signed up to be a congressman. He cannot…

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