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My Source Analysis of Lincoln and Pericles’ Speeches All throughout history leaders give speeches that will never be forgotten. A lot of the time when we think about a highly respected leader we often think about one of their great speeches, if they had one. Leader’s speeches always have a reason behind them. Whether it’s for reuniting a country, honoring it, or persuading, speeches impact the lives of the people who hear them, even for generations afterwards. In this source analysis I will interpret Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address and Pericles’ Funeral Oration. I’ll compare them and give my reasons for why they were given and the points they were trying to make. In both Lincoln’s speech and Pericles’ speech they talk about how importance of …show more content…
As said above Pericles does an excellent job. He’s always saying the words nation and Athenian; these words bring the nation together and bring out their pride and loyalty for the war. Lincoln does a favorable job at this too. Lincoln also uses words and terms to unite the country in the time of war. Probably one of the famous lines in his speech, “and that government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth,” is very strong in the way of uniting the nation. Ever since the United States acquired their freedom, they have always been proud people and Lincoln uses this to his advantage. Lincoln pulls on the people pride and tells why they should be proud, not why they think they should be proud. He tells that they should be proud to be a united country that stands together even in the toughest of times.
Even though both leaders have great similarities in their speeches to me they come from two very different reasons of why they are giving them. Now, it was a law that Pericles gave a speech during the funeral of the lost warriors, but he used this law to keep his people believing in the fight. While Lincoln gave his speech to tell the people of how the Civil War in the United States should not be
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They were similar in the way that they were written. Both Pericles and Lincoln used words and phrases to unite their nations. They both knew how important the outcomes of their wars would be. Also, they both told how much the soldiers who were lost in the war should be honoured and their deaths were not in vain. Even though they had great similarities, they were both different too. Pericles should great support for the war and told of how they should continue their fight if need be. Pericles saw the war as a great opportunity for a nation and used persuasion in his speech for it. While even though Lincoln knew of the great outcomes from the victory of the war he wasn’t as supportive of the war as Pericles was with his. Lincoln saw how much the war was taking a toll on the nation. In his speech, he wasn’t supporting the war but doing his best to be a leader of a nation in the time of

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