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  • The Consequences Of Pol Pot And The Cambodian Genocide

    Hatred and atrocities between nations has always been a common occurrence, and violence is a side effect of this hatred. There are many well-known genocides that have taken place around the world, including the Holocaust, Armenia, and Bosnia. There are also devastations that not so many people know about, or have even heard of. The Cambodian Genocide is a mystery to many, being it isn’t widely researched. The killing fields of Cambodia “(1975-1979)” (Krkljes, 2015) are where Pol Pot and his…

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  • Are Congress Representatives Like Us Analysis

    Victoria Dochoghlian Poli Sci 137BW Prof. Uhlaner November 5, 2015 Are the Representatives “Like Us” in the U.S. Congress? “Stand for” representation, means a descriptive or symbolic representative that stands for someone or something. In descriptive representation there is the idea of representing a group of people and governing for them, two very different theories. Representing descriptively means to proportionally and characteristically represent the population they stand for, and to…

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  • The Babylonian Creation Myth Of The Book Of Genesis

    Appearing in late 1800AD, Panbabylonism was developed by several European scholars and historians such as Friedrich Delitzsch, Fritz Hommel, Eduard Stucken, Hugo Winckler, Peter Jensen, Felix Peiser, Heinrich Zimmern, Alfred Jeremias and Ferdinand Bork that many of the stories from the Old Testament specifically the Book of Genesis originated from the religion, mythology and history of the Sumerians, Akkadians, Babylonians and Assyrians who lived in the Mesopotamia Valley from 5500BC to 220AD.…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Azo's View Of Slavery

    For Papken Infarbian or formally was known as Azo in Muslim went through the trails to survive and obtain freedom to live with his bloodline. Azo was born in 1906 in Amasia, Turkey. He grew up during the trails of World War I and a target on his Armenia bloodline. When he was forced out of his home in 1915 young Azo was forced to see the horrors of life that no one should see. In Azo’s world, the way to freedom would have to go through slavery in order to survive, for Azo that was freedom. But,…

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  • Byzantine Art Analysis

    “The models from which medieval Northern Europe in particular formed its idea of “Roman” style are nearly all portable Late Antique works, and the Late Antique carved sarcophagi found all over the former Roman Empire; the determination to find earlier “purer” classical models, was a key element in the art all’antica of the Renaissance.” (Henderson 1977) Byzantine art is the Greek-speaking Byzantine Empire art that had been created after the Roman Empire division of the Eastern and Western sides…

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  • Of Gorbachev's Contribution To The Collapse Of The Soviet Union

    The prevailing view of most Americans is that the collapse of the Soviet Union was primarily caused by the pressures of the arms race during the Cold War. After reading Kotkin 's book Armageddon Averted it is clear that the internal changes that were going on inside the Soviet Union were far more influential in the collapse of the Soviet Union than in any external pressures brought on by the Reagan era arms buildup. The internal changes that were going on in the Soviet Union during this time…

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  • Mongols Dbq Analysis

    The Mongols sophisticated military tactics, organized ethical and religious codes, their economic contributions, and road systems are tributes to the fact that they are not barbarians. The Mongols had displayed organized military strategies to aid their conquests that can only be achieved by intelligent and well thought out planning. Planning such as surrounding their enemy and attacking their fortresses from all sides; this cornered their enemies and allowed for easy attack. The Mongolians also…

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  • The Crusade: The Failure Of The First Crusades

    Before the First Crusades had started, the Byzantine Empire was having troubles protecting themselves from the Muslim Seljuk Turks. The Muslims were able to conquer some of the Byzantines land, as they were able to acquire Turkey and Armenia. As a result the Emperor Alexias went to ask Pope Urban the second for protection against the Muslims. Pope Urban looked at this as a way to gain land for the Christian faith and accepted, he gave a speech calling all Christians to join forces to claim…

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  • Brazil And The Cliff Analogy Essay

    As request by Prof. Stephen I will talk a little bit about health in Brazil and the “cliff analogy”. I don’t want to bother you too much, so I will try to do it in a nutshell, but eventually I will need to go back to our colonial history and race miscegenation for a better understanding. Brazil had some particularities among the European colonies, in 1808, as Napoleon invaded Portugal, the King John VI run away along the Portuguese Court to Brazil from where the Royal family reigned Portugal…

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  • Stephen Gary Wozniak

    Stephen Gary Wozniak was born on August 11, 1950 to Margaret Elaine and Jerry Francis Wozniak. He is Ukrainian and Swiss-German on his father’s side, and German, Irish, and English on his mother’s side. Steve Wozniak is best known as one of the Steve’s that founded Apple Inc. Wozniak was fascinated with electronics at an early age. While attending the University of California in Berkeley he was introduced to Steve Jobs through a mutual friend. They became friends while working at…

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