How Did Cleopatra Come To Power

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Cleopatra VII: Face or Power Figure

Some see her as the most powerful Pharaoh in all ancient Egypt. Some see her as a petty, weak female ruler who gave up her dynasty to the Romans for her lover. Even historians today argue about this, possibly because, in the end, she did lose the Egyptian empire to the Romans. But before that, she brought to it great power. In truth, Cleopatra had many hardships and obstacles in her way that she overcame and proved to be a very successful leader. But through her power struggles, great advancements in the kingdom, and expansion of her empire, Cleopatra can certainly be seen as one of the greatest female rulers in all of history

To begin with, Cleopatra was a very cunning and smart woman who went out of her way to assume her rightful possessions and seize her throne as the real ruler of Egypt. Cleopatra fought until the end to rule her empire as she married her brother for him to pose as the ruler while she ruled internally. She devised a
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Cleopatra became romantically involved with both Caesar and Marc Antony for political power and other reasons. “From Caesar, Cleopatra recovered the island of Cyprus, and from Antony, Cyrenaica to the west and coastal Syria and Gaza to the north.” (Cleopatra of Egypt: From History to Myth). And even as a woman, Cleopatra got much support from the outside world and even got donations from other countries. “Cleopatra's position within this system was boosted in 34 BC by an event known as the Donations of Alexandria, in which Cleopatra's children by Antony were given Armenia and overlordship of the territories to the south-east, overlordship of Asia Minor, and control of Cyrenaica” (Walker). Cleopatra, through intelligence and her ambition, was able to achieve much territory through her tactics and connections with other political

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