St Thaddeus Research Paper

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Saint Thaddeus (Jude the Apostle) is the saint I chose to be the model of my Christian life. This is also the saint name I was given at Baptism. I have decided to continue my Christian life by learning from the ways of Saint Thaddeus. We celebrate his feast day on October 28.
St. Thaddeus is believed to have been born in the town Paneas, which is located in Galilee. Thaddeus is a relative of Jesus since both of St. Thaddeus’ parents are related Jesus’ parents. St. Thaddeus’ mother is a cousin of Mary, while his father was the brother of Joseph. St. Thaddeus was given the name Jude at birth, which means “giver of joy”, but he is also called Thaddeus, meaning generous and kind.
St. Thaddeus, along with his brother St. James, was one of the Twelve
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He was beaten to death with a club, then he was beheaded. Because of this reason, he is often shown holding a club in his hand to represent his death due to his everlasting faith in God. St. Jude is also depicted with a flame around his head. This represents the time at Pentecost, when he, along with the other apostles received the Holy Spirit.
Saint Thaddeus is the patron of desperate situations, forgotten causes, hospitals, impossible causes, and lost causes. Due to being a patron of hospitals, St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital was named after Saint Thaddeus (Jude). The hospital is a very well-known children’s hospital and has been recognized as one of the best cancer care hospitals in the US.
I chose Saint Thaddeus as my saint because of his strong faith in Christianity. He also encourages me to persevere whenever I am in harsh times. St. Thaddeus is a saint people can turn to for encouragement and support. Just as Saint Thaddeus did through his letters, I would like to be someone who can encourage others and be a helping hand whenever they are in desperate situations. I hope to build a strong Christian faith with St. Thaddeus as the model of my Christian

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