The Patron Saint Of St. Jude Thaddeus

As a Confirmation candidate, I have selected my saint. His name is St. Jude Thaddeus. He is the patron saint of the impossible and hope.
There is not much known on St. Jude’s life. We know he is the Patron saint of hope and impossible causes. He was also one of Jesus’ 12 original apostles. He was known to preach with great passion of the gospel, even under harsh conditions. Through the power of the holy spirit was he able to make a difference in peoples lives with the Word of God. After Jesus’ death and resurrection, St. Jude journeyed through Mesopotamia, Libya, Persia along with a fellow saint to preach and build up the early Church for a duration of 10 years. He died a martyr’s death for his abiding faith. His body was sent to Rome and
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James the Less. They are both described as what looks like cousins to Jesus as the Gospel of Matthew says them to be “brethren” to Jesus. In pictures that depict St. Jude, it is seen that he holds on his chest a picture of Jesus. This happened when St Jude carried out a miracle for King Abagar of Edessa. The king needed to be cured from leprosy, so he asked for a picture of Jesus. An artist was sent to create the masterpiece. Jesus was astonished by Abagar’s strong faith. He pressed his face into a cloth which left his facial imprint. He gave it to St. Jude, who willingly took the cloth to Abagar and cured him. This allowed him to spread the Word of God. During the Middle ages, St. Jude was idolized all around but there was a confusion with Judas Iscariot, which caused the saint to become a fuzzy presence. When words devoted to this special saint steadily spread, this lead to St. Jude now having a very important role in millions of lives as the Patron of …show more content…
Jude when I am doing things like taking challenging tests or playing sports. The commitment is limitless. I want to achieve the best I can like trying to please my family with my progress in becoming successful. In St. Jude’s case, this is doing the best he can to give the Word of God to everyone to please Jesus. To be successful though, you need to believe. Have hope. Hope goes a long way with commitment to a certain task. Speaking of commitment of St. Jude once more, he carried out a miracle to help in achieving his goal. Spreading the faith. He didn’t hesitate to carry out his good deed of relieving the king of leprosy just by showing him the face of God. The thing that is insane about that whole situation is the fact that seeing Jesus’ face cured the king. It wasn’t even Jesus’ himself. It was his facial imprint in his cloth. That is

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