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  • De Suassure's Paraphrase Summary

    His idea centers around the difference between metaphor and metonymy in language, and thus, in aphasia. First, he describes what metonymy, a substitution for a word (suit for a business person), and metaphor, a word that means something like the original word. Depending on how one uses these types of language, and whether one prefers one over the other…

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  • Slp 6000 Quiz

    With Adults With Aphasia by Newton, Acres, and Bruce, results revealed that scores from a paper-based language test were highly correlated with those from the computerized tests; however, the computerized test scores were lower. Also, the time it took to complete the test in both cases were the same. Some clients felt more comfortable taking the computerized test, but overall the paper-based test was more preferred. Some tests are better taken on a computer for adults with aphasia, such as The…

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  • Memory Growth And Development Essay

    Communication skills become affected and marked by: agnosia, aphasia and apraxia. According to the University Wire, agnosia is the inability to recognize people’s faces and voices, places and items. Agnosia can be visual, auditory or tactile. Contrary to it, aphasia interferes with verbal and written communication skills causing an individual to have difficulties with spoken and written language. The last of the trio is aphasia; which is marked a person’s inability to perform a desired task…

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  • Sunnyside Assisted Living: Case Study

    SunnySide Assisted Living is a newly opened assisted living facility that offers a wide range of services and activities. SunnySide Assisted Living is designed to allow elderly individuals to enjoy retirement while maintaining their independence. Retirement should be enjoyed, not spent doing household chores. This assisted living facility is designed for elderly individuals who are both completely independent and/or individuals who need personal assistance with daily activities. The physical…

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  • Reflective Essay On The Brain

    My Reflection Paper While completing the first module for neurology there were many aspects of the brain that I was completely unaware of and found interesting. As a speech-language pathologist, it is important for one to know the function of the brain so one can have the skills to help improve the ability for an individual to communicate with others. Damage to certain parts of the brain function can lead to some drastic consequences relating to speech and language functions. I had always found…

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  • Token Economy Suin Stuttering Therapy Analysis

    of the stimulus until the subject respond to sound-on and sound-off stimulus. Every time he responded correctly, the reinforcement is given to increase likehood operant response to happened again. Finally, from the test it show that autistic child can learn auditory discrimination task and can be improved with the modification a few things in this test (Thomas Scruggs, Alfonso Prieto & Stanley Zucker, n.d) An Analysis of a Token Economy Suin Stuttering Therapy According to Wingate (1964) as…

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  • Reflective Writing Assignment 3

    Section A: Introduction Over the past years, I have looked for ways to help students achieve literacy goals in order for them to succeed in second grade and on. Mertler (2014) helped me guide my action research by collecting the information using the guide questions he provided. My dilemma since I started working as a teacher over seven years was helping struggling readers and writers master their syllables. According to the state standards, students are expected to know the letters and its…

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  • Code Stroke In Action Research Paper

    Code Stroke in Action The clock just struck 0752 in room five of the Emergency Department when the medics called in. They reported that they had an eighty-two year-old female, who had initials K.R., demonstrating left sided facial droop and aphasia. According to the ACLS stroke scale, if one has facial droop, difficulty speaking or arm drift they are 72% likely to have a stroke (Carl). Her last known time of baseline was at 1920 the previous night. Because strokes can lead to permanent damage…

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  • Structure Of Mental Lexicon

    This essay will describe the mental lexicon and its structure by looking at the different parts of the lexicon as well as linguistic examples. This essay will begin by attempting to define the mental lexicon and the words that are stored within it. It will then look at the different processing components believed to be apparent within the lexicon, before looking at different theories as to how we access words within the lexicon. Finally, this essay will conclude by looking at the structure of…

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  • Sigmund Freud: The Psychopathology Of Everyday Life

    From the knowledge that he gained on the effects of cocaine regarding palliative effects and the research he did on aphasia, Freud published his first book, On the Aphasias: A Critical Study in 1891(Thornton). After this experience, Freud began working in the Theodor Meynert’s psychiatric clinic where he gained an interest in clinical work(Thornton). This would translate into a desire to learn…

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